The Deal with Divorce w/ Laura Wasser

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You may think of her as divorce attorney to the stars, and Laura Wasser is certainly that. But Laura is also a sharp thinker on marriage and communication, and is here to tell us what every couple needs to know before saying “I do.” She says that couples who have the prenup conversation are actually more likely to stay together than those who don’t, and that money is an even bigger conversational taboo than sex. She also tells us what it’s like repping actor clients vs. musician clients, why we’re seeing a celebrity-led trend of “gentle separations,” and how social media has changed the game for divorce cases.

Plus, I take your divorce questions! When is it time to say “I don’t,” and get the hell out? Or how about if you’re single, and have a tendency to hook up with older, separated men — are they just your type? Or…are there some deeper conversations you need to be having, with them, and with yourself? Let’s talk dating as a divorcee: when is it OK to tell the kids you’ve met someone new? And finally, after being married for so long, how do you tell the difference between love and lust, when you’re back on the scene? All this and more, on today’s divorce show.

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