The Orgasm Gap: How to Last Longer in Bed.

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Today’s episode answers the age old dilemma for men and women: How can I enjoy a more fulfilling sex life? Flooded by listener emails about dissatisfying sex lives, this show focuses on the “orgasm gap” between men and women.

Men tend to arrive to the party earlier than women (on average) so how do we close this gap so everyone can have their fair share of orgasms? Women can have multiple orgasms, so why do men have 3 orgasms for every 1 that women have?

Todays Emily explores the world of the “minute man” and how to last longer in bed. So what is the exact definition of Premature Ejaculation (PE)? In the studio contributing to the dialogue along with Anderson is Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent, the only FDA approved treatment for PE.

Sure, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is covered by drugs such a Viagra but there’s never been a fix for PE or even for guys who just want to last longer in bed. If she takes 25 minutes to climax and he takes 10 minutes, what’s the solution?

What to do if you still last long enough but it’s a struggle because you’re starting, stopping, changing positions and thinking about baseball to keep yourself from climaxing? There’s no way you’re able to experience the reckless abandonment of sex.

Emily and Jeff define the difference between PE, ED  and how to know what’s going on with your situation. Jeff divulges his fascinating journey in launching Promescent, and the personal and tragic story about the doctor who created this treatment for his patients.

Emily shares the news about the innovative nail polish that  thwarts predators by detecting date rape drugs. With 1 in 5 women being sexualy assulted in their lives, it’s imperative to know how to better protect your wife, sisters and friends.

A gay caller is concerned about his future and wants to know if he should start dating women to have a more “normal” lifestyle. Can you really switch horses in the middle of the stream?

Learn how to invigorate your sex life in the latest podcast.


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