What are Reverse Kegels? (And How to Do Them)

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A loyal listener emailed me about Reverse Kegels, a mysterious and Premature Ejaculation-prevention maneuver that, like Dark Matter, theoretically forms the complement and gives shape to regular meat-and-potatoes Kegels. Reverse Kegels aren’t normal pelvic exercises done in reverse, but a strategic exercise to relax your pelvic floor. A healthy pelvic floor helps alleviate pelvic pain and tension, and also increases flexibility.

The point of Reverse Kegels is to maintain even better control over your erection and ejaculation response. It can be performed during sex to move away from your point of no return. The point of this blog post is to make you a pro at them in no time at all (and please, if someone ever does pay you to perform Kegels, let me know).

Step 1

Find a quiet, preferably well-ventilated place to do your Reverse Kegels. For the first few sessions you might prefer to practice in the nude just so you understand exactly you’re doing with your body.

Step 2

Relax your mind, body, and especially your penis. Start breathing slowly and deeply.

Step 3

Now push (not contract) out your penile muscles. Try to focus the pushing towards the front of your penis. It feels a bit like forcing out a #2 (hence the ventilation), so be careful.

Step 4

Let go of the contraction and breathe as you exhale. Take another breath and start again. Repeat this for at least 10-15 times until you feel comfortable with the movement


Work your way up to 45-50 squeezes per session as these muscles become more developed. Do this a few times a week. Within a few weeks you’ll notice the muscles down there getting stronger with Reverse Kegels.

Remember that these Reverse Kegel exercises take dedication and time to show results, and should be performed alongside your regular Kegels exercises.