When it’s Time to Unplug, Plug in a Magic Wand

Magic Wand® Original

You know I’m all about connection, but there comes a point when all that connectivity gets to be overwhelming. It feels like everything I own needs Wi-Fi and my undivided attention lest I miss some important notification. I even use apps for meditation! 

When I’m feeling like one more ping or blinking light will send me over the edge, I know it’s time for a break. When this happens to you – and it will – find a quiet room, turn off your digital devices, light some candles, and grab the one toy that’s only connection is a six-foot power cord.

I’m talking about the Magic Wand. 

Beyond the fact that it doesn’t require charging, passwords or pairing, there are a few things you should know about this master of analog pleasure. The Magic Wand (formerly Hitachi Magic Wand) has achieved icon status. Time Magazine named it one of the most influential gadgets of all time and Cosmo calls it the “little black dress” of vibrators. This is no surprise – it’s the original wand-style massager that’s been used, trusted, and loved by millions for half a century. There are four models available (I happen to love each one for different reasons…), but this story is about the OG – The Magic Wand Original – that hasn’t changed since 1968. 

Here are 9 reasons why the Magic Wand Original is THE go to toy for tech-free me time:

#1: It’s easy to use.

Like, really easy. It plugs in, so there are no batteries to remember to charge. It has two speeds and a basic toggle switch. No remote control, no Bluetooth, nothing fancy to figure out – just plug it in and go. It’s the perfect retreat after a long day of digital burnout. 

#2: It’s incredibly powerful.

When you’re ready for an immediate escape, the last thing anyone needs is disappointment. Stress and distraction can absolutely make it more difficult to focus on your own pleasure. In these times, if you don’t enjoy the experience, a low powered toy may leave you wondering if there’s something wrong with you. So, instead of wrestling with subtle vibes or confusing patterns, go for power – something the Magic Wand delivers every time.

Even if you’re concerned about being too sensitive, The Magic Wand’s deep, rumbly vibrations work great even if you use it over your clothes or a folded towel. You can even place it further away from sensitive areas and still feel pleasure. This keeps you in full control of every vibration.

#3: It’s really big (in a good way).

The full-size Magic Wand Original is over a foot long and has a head about the size of a tennis ball. This makes it super easy to position and stimulate a pretty wide area, which, unlike smaller toys, is great for those times when details are the last thing on your mind.

#4: It’s the Cadillac of clitoral vibes.

For those with vulvas, external stimulation is the key to climax. So, while insertable vibes can feel amazing, you may find they don’t easily lead to orgasm. As the absolute gold standard for clitoral stimulation, The Magic Wand is a sure thing. Extra points for a simultaneous clitorial AND g-spot orgasm thanks to that deep rumble. 

#5: It’s genital-neutral.

The Magic Wand’s deep, penetrating vibes are also great for those with penises and prostates as well. Use it gently on the shaft of the penis, or pressed against the perineum for indirect prostate stimulation. It’s an easy (and game-changing) addition to your existing masturbation routine. 

#6: It’s got a one-of-a-kind head.

The Magic Wand models Original has a textured, vinyl head that is a little bit firmer than the others. Many people swear by this design and choose it over anything else, because the density makes it much easier to find sensations that work. Oh, and because it’s vinyl, you can even use a silicone lube!

#7: It’s dependable.

Trust me, the Magic Wand is built to last – mine is a couple decades old and still running strong. It’s been with me on trips, through moves, different relationships and its quality and reliability make it the core of many people’s collections.

#8: It’s actually great for shoulder and back massage, too!

As amazing as orgasms can be for relaxation, that knot in your shoulder isn’t going away without a little direct attention. Luckily, your Magic Wand can pull double duty as a kick ass massager – it’s actually what it was originally designed to do! You know, just wipe it down with a damp cloth and some mild soap between body parts… 

#9: It’s affordable.

All this splendid simplicity helps keep the price down. You can buy The Magic Wand Original for $87 right here.