4 Reasons Why Hotel Sex is the Hottest

Have you ever had sex at a hotel — whether on vacation or during a business trip — and felt like it was the best sex you’ve ever had in your life? Chances are it very well was! But not for reasons you may think.

A romp outside of the bedroom, many times, can be significantly more satisfying than your run-of-the-mill quickie before work or bed. What makes hotel sex so great actually has more to do with our brains and less to do with those 300-count Egyptian cotton sheets. Believe it or not, getting it on in a hotel can cause your brain to produce even more of those “feel-good” chemicals, like dopamine, already released during sex. As a result, the entire experience is incredibly more sensual and sexually stimulating. So, if you’re head feels like it’s spinning after an amazing hotel shag, that’s because it literally is — spinning with dopamine, that is.

Aside from offering a euphoric high without the drugs, here are a few more reasons why you should cancel your plans next weekend and book a hotel room for two:

Checking in to Check Out

Life is stressful, and sometimes spending those two precious weekend days at home just doesn’t cut it when it comes to relaxing and resetting. When you physically get away— even if it’s just a few miles to the closest Sheraton— that break of routine makes the stress of life not seem so stressful. So you get to reap all the benefits of getting away without having to go too far. The best part? When you’re in vacation-mode, it’s easier for your brain to be more receptive to sexual arousal, because your free from distraction. So you and your partner can enjoy mind-blowing sex without having to do much more than hop into those silky-soft hotel sheets.

Romance Boosters– Engage:

It’s no mystery that between work, school and the kids’ busy schedule, couples often find their relationship on the back burner. Spending a night or two in a hotel away from it all (especially if you have kids) is the perfect way to reignite the romantic spark that may have been accidentally stuffed into the closet along with the dirty soccer cleats and Dora the Explorer backpacks.


Perfect Playplace:

The hotel room you and your lover find yourselves in is your oyster— the adult playpen of your dreams. Introducing a new sex toy into your relationship is hot, but it’s even sexier doing it in a place where you’re both relaxed and there’s absolutely no interruptions (thank you, do-not-disturb). The Mimic Plus is guaranteed to take your hotel showers from hot to steamy. Designed like a sexy manta ray, the Mimic was clearly meant for shower sex. It is incredible at stimulating the labia, and perfect for couples play. Also, the Fleshlight Shower Mount makes masturbation hands free, and easily attaches to any smooth surface.

If you’ve already overpacked your suitcase, don’t fret! The UVee can store the sex toy of your choosing while it charges AND sanitizes. Leaving you to inconspicuously carry it through the hotel lobby without anyone being the wiser… not even the person behind the check-in counter.

Be Who You Wanna Be:

One great thing about hotels is that there’s a pretty good chance you won’t run into Becky from accounting or Jose from the bank. You’ve got this fresh, new environment, so your experience is going to be completely original. This alone is enough to lend a luxuriously sensual feel to the whole affair, but if you’re feeling adventurous, why not take it to the next level? Try some role-play! Dress up as a naughty school girl on a field trip. Maybe meet your partner at the hotel bar, and play the sexy stranger. Or, pretend to be lost and knock on your hotel room door, dressed in nothing but a hotel robe hiding lacy lingerie. Like I said, at hotels, the possibilities are endless– why not spice it up?


So, what are you waiting for? Pack a bag, leave the kids with your mom, and get ready for a weekend filled with mind-blowing sex.


Brittany Kay is the former assistant editor for StorErotica, the national trade publication for the adult retail industry. She currently works as an SEO writing ninja for a national marketing company, which pays better but is rather boring compared to writing about sex toys all day. She also freelances for a number of different industries and likes to take long naps in her her spare time.

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