She Never Had An Orgasm

never had an orgasm
never had an orgasmMy nineteen-year-old intern, who has never had an orgasm, talks about her sexual experiences thus far. I give her (and all the men in her rotation) advice on how to achieve orgasm. And not just any orgasm- a delicious cocktail of clitoral and G-spot stimulation. 
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Also, why does everyone break up during the holidays? Why doesn’t everyone just masturbate all the time? And how do you introduce anal sex into your relationship without being a pain in the ass?

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  1. Jeff says:

    I listened to this episode on my morning walk! Where can I find a link to your intern’s blog?

  2. Sara says:

    Dear Emily,

    I recently started listening to your show and love it! I drive around a lot for my job so it keeps me entertained while on the road. Anyways, I started dating this guy about 6 weeks ago and it’s going pretty well, but he can be kind of a jerk sometimes. He doesn’t always listen to me when I am talking and has a tendency to talk over me which drives me crazy. He can also be a bit argumentative. I’m not sure how to talk to him about this. I mean it’s not a complete deal breaker cause maybe he doesn’t even know he has these tendencies. I just know how important it is to communicate and not hold things in. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to approach this subject and not offend him. Thanks Emily! Hi to Menace, he’s awesome too!

    Sara—Denver, CO

  3. MQ says:

    Great episode. Where can I find your intern’s blog about her experiences? I can’t find it on your website. Thanks!

  4. Misty says:

    I’m so fascinated with the story of your intern that has never had an orgasm. I can’t wait to hear more about her journey. I think I was lucky to accidentally give myself one around the time I was in middle school, by rubbing up against my teddy bear. This lead to the creation of a very naughty (and somewhat disturbing) burlesque routine 20 years later. :)

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