Your Orgasmic Potential with Xanet Pailet

On today’s show, Emily is joined by Xanet Pailet, a sex and intimacy coach and author of the forthcoming book, Living An Orgasmic Life, to discuss how to reach your full orgasmic potential, overcome the shame/pleasure paradox, and understanding the difference between arousal and desire.

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Emily and Xanet also walk through a couple exercises to tap into your sexual energy–– something you can do along with them!

There are a lot of useful tools and information packed into this episode, all geared towards helping you get in tune with your sensual side.

For more information about Xanet Pailet, click below:
Living An Orgasmic Life

For more information about or to purchase the products mentioned in this podcast, click below:
SKYN Condoms: Feels Like Nothing’s There
Womanizer 2go: Same Intense Orgasm, Only Cuter
UVee: The Cleanest Orgasm You’ll Ever Have
Magic Wand: There’s a Reason Why It’s Magic


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  1. Mike says:

    This was e worse podcast u have done. Xanet Pailet was terrible. Full of “woo woo” and “mysticisim”. Emily, your podcasts, advice and information are great, please don’t go down this road of making sex mysterious. Xanet doesn’t even know what energy means, she was using the term wrong, like all others that think there is some sort of unknown power in things, it’s a cheap parlor trick. Please continue your great advice but leave the woo out of it. Long time listener and big fan, your information has been useful to me in the past, but I thought this needed to be said about this guest.

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