More PassionateWhen your man seems more passionate about football than your sex life, you know something has to change. The honeymoon period is over and you can’t just get back the relationship you had by acting spontaneously. You have to work hard on your relationship to make the excitement and passion last… Continue Reading

Let’s Get Rough…

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On this throwback episode, Emily has a blind date and divulges about what she really does at night. Menace plans his dream wedding and Emily talks shotgun weddings.

The duo move to extreme manscaping and etiquette for rough sex, including but not limited to spanking, wrist holding, hair pulling, and biting.


Personal Naturally Hydrating Lubricant

Emily & Tony – Personal Naturally Hydrating Lubricant

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If you’re one of the many fans of Emily & Tony’s Aromatherapy Massage Candles, than you’ll love what’s coming next! Emily & Tony are premiering a personal naturally hydrating lubricant that’s made from the highest quality ingredients. This flavor and fragrance free moisturizing lubricant will leave you soft not sticky. Ingredients such as Aloe Leaf and Carrageenan extracts work to heal, protect and moisturize the skin. Citric Acid maintains the PH balance while natural botanicals provide a silky smooth feel.


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Patti StangerAlright, Valentine’s Day is over (thank god), but that’s no reason to stop looking for a quality relationship.

I was on a panel with Patti Stanger, Celebrity Blogger Extraordinaire Perez Hilton, Cosmopolitan Sex and Relationship Editor Anna Breslaw, and Chief Scientific Advisor to Dr. Helen Fisher. We celebrated the 4th annual Singles in America study study– the most comprehensive study on singles ever…

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