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Talking: it saves us and it confounds us. On today’s show, Emily is joined by Menace to help write your sex script for a better time in the bedroom!

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628x471We all remember how we got “the talk”, right? It was either our parents sitting us down to explore their own, very out-dated, copy of “the birds and the bees” or we watching those awkward videos at school with fellow fifth grade classmates. However, one school in the Bay Area took sex education to the next level. Parents of The Fremont Unified school district began a petition to ban the sex-ed book “Your Health Today” due to its “inappropriate” topic choices.

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Emily_21You may have heard of Emily & Tony’s Down Under Comfort. Trust me, you want this stuff to freshen up your balls. One thing that will definitely turn down the steam on a sexy blow job is unkempt, sweaty balls. This product is a cream to powder formula that is meant to keep you fresh and clean in your most desirable areas.  But I’m here to tell you that Down Under Comfort is not just for your balls. In fact, it’s not just for men! This product has a variety of uses for both men and women! Continue Reading

Have you been yearning for a way to appease your healthy (possibly insatiable) sexual appetite, love/hate for exercise, and general obsession with getting down and dirty? Look no further, we found the event that’s perfect for you and anyone else that may have a…questionable motive in their exercise endeavors. It’s a 5k mud-run called the X-Run, and trust us, there’s X around every corner. With 14 obstacles with names like the Blue Balls Dash, the G-String Crawl, Dominatrix Dungeon, and the Honey Slide; this run is sure to please your dirty side (and we’re not just talking about the mud). After the run there will be a post-race party with adult stars, live music, food vendors, beer stands, a mud wrestling pit, a Mr. and Ms. X Run Competition and much, much more!

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