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Did you know you can align your sex drive with your partner by keeping track of your cycle? This doesn’t have to be a mystery! Your body will tell you what kind of sex you’re craving in each stage of your cycle.

Alisa Vitti joins me for part two of our series dispelling all the myths and mysteries around women’s hormonal cycles. Alisa’s a nutrition and hormone expert who’s FLOLiving community, books and app has helped thousands of women reclaim their cycles. 
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What if you could understand your sex drive, desire, moods, and energy levels every day of the year? On today’s show (part one of two) I’m joined by Alisa Vitti, a functional nutritionist and women’s hormone expert whose FLOLiving community, books, and app have helped thousands of women reclaim their cycles and navigate their internal clock and rhythms.

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On today’s show, Dr. Emily is joined by bestselling author and one of America’s leading psychiatrists Dr. Daniel Amen to talk about his book, The End of Mental Illness, why mental health needs to be rebranded as brain health – and how that change can alter how we see relationships. 

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contraception blog sex with emilyEven though contraception and conception involve polar opposite intentions, they couldn’t be more related. A lack of one can very well land you with the other. However, we’re also talking about two extremely complicated topics. And you may not realize how complicated until you start experiencing them yourself.

As with everything complex, research is everything. To help contribute to your understanding of the issues, we’ve compiled our top blogs & podcasts on these topics. 

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health blog sex with emilyAt the heart of a thriving sex life is a healthy body and mind. And while that does go for everyone, there are some major plights and topics that come with the territory of women, specifically.

When it comes to you and your body, there’s no question you two have been through a lot. But for as complicated as the world of wellness can sometimes start to feel, the good news is it all starts with one simple step: being informed!

After all, top-notch health is something we can (and should!) rock at every age, so let’s kickstart the path to vivacious vitality with some help from these women’s health-focused blogs and podcasts. Continue Reading

hormones blog sex with emilyHumans are complex. But it’s not our fault! Our bodies are a brew of complicated chemical messengers. These messengers are called hormones.

Hormones affect everything from our mental health to our skin’s appearance, metabolism, fertility, sleep habits to sex drive.

They come in complex combinations and fluctuate over the course of our lifetime.

Hormones play a huge role in your sexual health, especially when it comes to your libido. There will inevitably be hormonal highs and lows in your sex life. Let’s dive in. Continue Reading

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