How to Have the Sexiest Spring Ever

Crop nude female touching buttock with delicate flower against pink background

There’s something in the air, and it’s not just allergens. Sexy spring has officially sprung. 

So how can you have your best sex during spring? 


First, take some vitamin D. No, not that kind… I’m talking sunlight, to give you energy for other forms of “D.”

“You want to make sure you’re getting bright light from the sun, preferably before noon,” said Max Lugavere when he came on the pod. According to Max, morning sunlight activates proteins in your eye that then activates a region of the brain associated with your body’s master clock. That primes you for daylight-associated activities, such as exercise and socializing…and, sex. To get the most benefits, Lugavere recommends 10 to 30 minutes of morning sunlight exposure, with sunglasses off. Holla. 


If there’s anything that kills a sex drive fast, it’s allergies. Do you feel hot when you’re sneezing, exhausted, and rubbing your itchy eyes raw? Me neither. So don’t grit your teeth and bear those allergens, because there’s literally no advantage. Reach for an OTC allergy solution instead, talk to your doctor about a prescription, and proactively support your health with…orgasms.

You heard me. There are a ton of documented health benefits associated with orgasm, increased immunity included. If you’re a vulva owner, I recommend a quality sex toy to up-level your solo sex, and enjoy more orgasms on the regular. IMO, you cannot go wrong with a user-friendly bullet vibe, like the three new ones from Je Joue: the Amour, which has a heart perched on top, the Vita, a wand-tipped bullet, and the Duet, a textured bullet covered with pleasure points. Not only are they très adorable, they’re some of the most powerful on the market – Je Joue’s known for their signature “rumble” vibration, which is both quieter and stimulates deeper, more internal nerve endings.  

If you’re a penis owner and want to stretch out partnered sex before achieving that immunity-inducing orgasm, I recommend a good delay spray, like this one from Promescent. It relaxes nerve cells just below the skin, so you’ve got more control over your orgasm, and don’t finish until you’re actually ready. Cue handshake emoji. 


The afore-mentioned produce – nay, bounty – of spring is not only good for your health. It’s good for your sex drive, especially if you choose the right fruits and vegetables. 

For example, watermelon is 92% water, but the remaining 8% contains citrulline: a phytonutrient the body converts to arginine. Why is that significant? Because this single amino acid boosts nitric oxide levels in the body, relaxing blood vessels that encourage sexual blood flow. 

Now, will noshing on watermelon alone make you suddenly horny? No, but it’s one of many fruits and vegetables that support sexual functioning. So fill your plate, and eat your way to springtime sexiness.   


As Covid taught us all, we humans are pack animals. Isolation = a bad mood, but when temperatures warm up, it’s frisbee in the park, it’s picnics, it’s brunch. And as every scientific journal on the planet has confirmed, we’re happier when we’re social.

So now that it’s warmer, make it a point to schedule outdoor dates, both platonic and romantic. Doing so will stave off anxiety and depression (antithetical to sexy times), and help keep your mood buoyant. That’ll make it way easier to get sexually aroused, especially if you add a little outdoor exercise into the mix


Exercise releases endorphins, and strength training increases your levels of free testosterone. But did you know that testosterone levels actually peak in summer and fall – not in spring?  According to Michael Smolensky, professor at the University of Texas, our ancestors chose to procreate in the fall, since mammals have a longer gestation period. That way, when they had babies in the spring, there’d be abundant food supplies. 

How does that relate to you? No matter what genitals you’ve got, testosterone is one of the hormones that motivates you to have sex…but when levels are in shorter supply (like spring), we have to make up the difference. And fortunately, that testosterone is just a weight lifting session away. Commit to a springtime strength training workout, and reap the benefits in bed. 

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