The Secrets to Happier Sex w/ Dr. Amen

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You’ve probably heard that the brain is the largest sex organ in your body. But can you really hack your brain for happiness? Or better sex? Psychiatrist and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen has amassed the world’s largest database of brain scans, and studies that information to reveal something fascinating: using neuroscience-based habits, we have the power to radically improve our mental health, our mood, and yes – our sex lives. 

Dr. Amen’s latest book is You, Happier, and on this episode, he reveals the lies of happiness, the stress hormones impeding your sex hormones, how to focus on micro-moments of happiness, and strategies for protecting yourself from the “noise” in your head. He also explains why happy people tend to live longer, have better relationships, be more successful in their careers…and, let’s face it, have way hotter sex. Listen now, to learn how to master your mind, and reap the rewards. 

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