Vibrator Hysteria

I attended a Jimmyjane private showing of Hysteria in the Opera Plaza Landmark Theater in San Francisco. Hysteria is a romantic comedy about the invention of the vibrator to cure female hysteria– a man-made illness assigned to bored, sexually unsatisfied housewives in the Victorian Era. While their crotchety old husbands fail to recognize their clitoris, a young attractive doctor found every woman’s clitoris in London with electrifying power.

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Labor Day Laid Over

So, it’s the end of the summer, body tanned and hair is bleached. It’s time to flaunt and use it before drab winter layering comes into play.  Bbq, beers and frozen daiquiris won’t show up on the figure until after the weekend and everyone is just hotter and hornier for the last summer vacation of the year.

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Ten Kinky Candies at Your Corner Store

*Disclaimer-   The below items are only intended to be used for flirting, ingestion and maybe a sex game or two.  Sugar inserted into crevices can lead to infection.   Go to a specialty source, such as Nature Lovin’ Lubricant  if you want to experience a raspberry cheesecake or banana custard flavor down there.  Also, note that fat and calories in each product are essentially negligible and will be more than worked off in the act.  No worries about staying svelte!



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Video Podcast – Better Sex Education

What do you wish you’d learned in Sex Ed? Emily teamed up with  The Sinclair Institute® to rewrite the sextbooks, and today she’s announcing the winners of her contest and reading the best listener-submitted suggestions and stories. Her work may be needed now more than ever, as reports show that American teen guys aren’t reciprocating in oral sex enough, and Wyoming of all places is labeled the national epicenter of sex toy usage.

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SWE – Like a Virgin

Emily’s inbox has been getting swamped with emails from virgins of all ages lately, so today’s episode is dedicated to helping them join the coital club, laying out what to expect, how to prepare, and why this big step might not be so big after all. Virgins’ partners get advised too, to make their lovers’ first times magical. Or… at least, less awkward than their own.


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Little Help From A Friend

So many vibrators, so little time. A huge perk of my job is to test vibrators. I’m a sex toy aficionado if I do say so myself. I get a lot of emails asking me about my favorite toys out there. Well, now you can check them out  here and here.

Never owned a sex toy? Want to know what kind you should buy? Email me: and I’ll do my best to make a recommendation. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll make it happen.  You’re welcome :)



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The Great Sex Toy Crime Wave

Every New Ager tattooed with a yin and/or yang knows that balance is the way of the Universe. And while this balance can inspire many a moment of peaceful reflection, in the world of sex toys it means that unfortunately, for every quiet, upstanding and responsible night spent in with a vibrator, there’s always going to be some woman bashing a cop in the face with a dildo. So as sex toys continue their march towards omnipresence, the recent large, phallic spike in sex toy crimes should come as no surprise.

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Special Delivery

I never thought I’d be so excited about getting a toy after the age of 11. I knew that changed when the butterflies in my stomach caused me to jump from my seat to greet the postman as he walked into the Sex With Emily office. We knew what was inside that delightful package (mind outta the gutter people). The interns and I had been agonizingly waiting for this delivery since we got the call from Jimmyjane.

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The Recession’s Lesson: Invest in Sex Toys

While the Great Recession may primarily be remembered as the worst time in human record to graduate from college, buy a home, be remotely middle class, or impulsively wager your manhood on the continued strength of the Greek economy, those in the know will someday fondly recall this interminable era as the unprecedented Age of The Sex Toy.

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Audioblog: The Tenga Egg Reviewed

Just in time for Easter, I’m giving you the best and most decadent thing to happen to eggs since Mr. Fabergé.

You’re probably asking, “Just what in the name of Japanese Novelty Sex Products is a Tenga Egg?” Well, from this image, they seem pretty innocuous…

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