I Gave My Friend a Magic Wand Mini. Here’s Why.

magic wand mini on neon pink block on yellow surface with green background and neon pink round shape

Maybe your friends ask you to help them move. Or, ask you for a killer recipe, or skin care hacks…you get the idea. 

Me, though? I’m the sex toy friend. Naturally. 

So when one of my girlfriends confessed she was giving up on sex toys – “they’re consistently disappointing,” she said – I told her I might have something that could help. But first, I’d need to ask her a few questions. Just like any good doctor.  

Below, here are all the questions I asked her, along with her (real!) answers. My prescription? The Magic Wand Mini. Read below to find out why. 

Q: What kind of stimulation feels best for you? 

A: “My fingers work just fine.”

In other words, who needs a toy? 

Sure, no one “needs” one. But let’s be honest: fingers don’t vibrate, so if you want a whole different kind of stimulation, toys are where it’s at. I dug a little deeper. 

Q: Do you usually climax by rubbing your clitoris or with fingers inside? 

A: “Clitoris – always.”

For vulva owners, clitoral stimulation is the key to orgasm, and her answer is consistent with the data. I ruled out an insertable toy.

Q: What kind of clitoral vibes have you tried? 

A: “All of them.”

LOL (because that would be…time-consuming), but I took this to mean the usual suspects. Bullet vibes, air pulse toys, etc. Time for details.

Q: What did you think of the air pulse toy? 

A: “Too fast – I was done and overstimulated before I had time to enjoy it.”

I happen to love air pulse toys, but I heard her subtext: she needs to really control the experience to enjoy it. 

Q: How about a bullet vibe? 

A: “Too finicky – I’d get close, but then I’d move it a tiny bit and lose it.”

Bullets can be amazing (you can get vibes from the sides as well as the tip), but my friend needed something simple, easy to hold, and didn’t require pinpoint accuracy. 

Q: What about the Magic Wand? 

A: “Too big, too much all at once.”

Got it. She needs something small but simple, exciting but manageable. I’d narrowed it down to a few options. 

Q: Anything else I should know? 

A: “Yes. I don’t like any lingering numbness in my hand, like I’ve been holding a jack hammer. I also hate remote controls, and I DO NOT want to have to use my phone to make the vibrator work.”

Heard! She didn’t want to go bananas with high-tech options or anything too weighty. That ruled out a few choices, leaving me with a clear winner: The Magic Wand Mini

Since it came out about a year ago, I’ve been a little obsessed with this toy for several reasons, just like the checklist my friend gave me. Can you relate?

She likes clitoral stimulation. The Magic Wand has been the undisputed king of clitoral stimulation since 1968, and the new Mini continues that tradition.

She wants to control the experience. The Magic Wand Mini’s deep, rumbly vibes allow it for direct or indirect stimulation. You can even feel the vibrations through clothing (if you tease yourself on your inner thigh, for example). As a result, you can make solo sex as fast or slow as you like. 

She needs something easy to hold that has broad stimulation. Check. 

The full size Magic Wand was too big and powerful for her. At just 9 ½” long, the Mini is a much better fit for her, but it’s just as powerful as the OG. 

She doesn’t want to feel the vibration in her hand. While a lot of newer toys do a great job isolating the vibrations from the handle, this has always been one of Magic Wand’s big selling points. The Mini follows suit.

She needs low tech: no remotes or app control. Magic Wand is the master of analog pleasure. It doesn’t even use a USB cable for charging: just a good ol’ wall plug charger, for those of us who are ~ahem~ prone to losing our many, varied charging devices. 

The result? A very, very satisfied friend…and a very, very frequently-used sex toy. 

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