Sexual Wellness Trends to Try in 2023

Welcome to 2023. Has a nice ring to it, right?

In terms of sex, it’s an exciting one. The past few years have seen a huge shift in destigmatizing pleasure, and as a result, we’re seeing sexual wellness and relationship trends like never before. People are having more open conversations about things like masturbation and kink. Big box retailers openly sell sex toys. Pop culture is embracing alternative relationship models (even Gossip Girl got hip to polyamory). It’s like we collectively realized that sexual pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of, so now, we’re innovating.

If you’re as happy about that as I am, here are the top sexual wellness trends I’m seeing for 2023. 

1. FaceTime sex

This trend took off during Covid, but lately, dating apps are featuring video functions on user profiles. It’s all part of a larger trend: using existing video technology to bridge the distance between you and another person, especially since we’re expanding our definition of what sex is

A lot of people tried FaceTime sex or “virtual sex” over quarantine, and sex in the metaverse is already happening. If you’ve never tried FaceTime sex before (but want to), now’s the time: more people than ever before are acclimated to the practice, and, it’s the safest sex you could ever have. 

2. Sex drive supplements

Experts also predict that 2023 will be the year of increased sex supplements, with ingredients like maca, damiana, and red ginseng leading the charge. The science behind some of these supplements is promising – a review of 10 studies found that red ginseng was effective at improving sexual arousal in women with menopause, for example – but the new thing here is that these supplements will now be marketed to younger consumers. Because in a world of increasing sexual openness, Gen Z wants products that effectively support their sexual health (which they’ll then review on TikTok).

Promescent has VitaFLUX for Women that increases libido and orgasm intensity (say less) by increasing natural lubrication and blow flow. Promescent VitaFLUX for Men is clinically proven to increase erectile functioning. It maintains healthy libido and testosterone levels as well as promotes boosted energy, circulation, and recovery. 

Also, go to to get 15% off the entire site.

3. Solo polyamory

Maybe it’s Willow Smith. Maybe it’s Emily Ratajkowski. But no matter who’s doing it, we’re seeing an uptick in this relationship model, where an individual enjoys romantic, sexual, and emotional connections with multiple people, but do not have a primary partner.

Note: as Leanne Yau of Polyphilia writes, solo polyamory is not a temporary state until that individual finds The One. It’s a mindset, a lifestyle, and a set of personal values. Here’s some more myth-busting around non-monogamy.

4. At-home STI screenings 

Companies like LetsGetChecked and EverlyWell already offer at-home STI tests, and these will only get more popular in 2023. In addition, UK-based startup Daye plans to expand to the US, so vulva owners could screen themselves for vaginal infections, fertility issues, and other gynecological health symptoms using (nifty!) tampon tests. 

5. More toys for penis owners

I’ve been spreading the gospel about this one. No matter your genitals, vibration feels good on them, thanks to all their dense and sensitive nerve endings. But after years of sex toys being marketed (almost solely) to vulva owners, the tide is turning – and more companies than ever before are creating sex toys for penises and actively marketing to a previously underserved demographic.

I believe there should be a lube on every nightstand and every penis-owner should own a prostate toy. My favorite is the Aneros Helix Trident because it’s intentionally designed to be more comfortable when inserted and the head is angled for more direct prostate stimulation. 

6. Menopositivity

Menopause just got the Oprah boost, following a growing number of celebrities who came forth in 2022 to talk about it. And the market is listening: companies like Womaness were launched solely to provide perimenopausal and menopausal women sexual health options.

As women themselves gain ever more sexual autonomy, this is a particularly refreshing trend. Because, guess what? Turns out, women still want to have sex even after their childbearing years are over. Who knew! (Insert eye roll here.)

7. Virtual sexual health treatment 

Telehealth platforms are gaining popularity and offering online prescriptions and care for reproductive health and sexual dysfunction. 

Odela Health is the first virtual health clinic focused on women’s sexual health offering tele-treatments and prescriptions for vaginal estrogen (at no extra cost, with no copay). I’m looking at you vulva-owners who are postpartum, perimenopausal, menopausal, or postmenopausal. It’s generally cheaper than most insurance plans, with services that include free monthly check-ups with their medical team (via virtual visit, text and/or email), and 50% off prescriptions for new customers. Speaking of which, they ship to you so you don’t have to go to the pharmacy (win, win, win). LOVING the idea of getting this kind of treatment from the comfort of your own home. Convenience is king in 2023. 

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