7 Stories Showing How Mutual Masturbation Brings Couples Together

two hands touching with rainbow reflection

Here are some stories about mutual masturbation from our faithful SWE audience to celebrate all of you that jump off the deep end with your partner’s hand. These sexy submissions are bound to inspire you and will show you why mutual masturbation really works.


“Nothing gets me going faster than when I get to suck my husband’s balls while he masturbates himself, and I get to rub my own clit. Bonus points if he plays with my boobs or pinches my nipples while he’s up there. It’s probably my favorite thing to do in the bedroom lately, to be honest. I love it because he knows exactly how to touch himself and I know exactly how to touch myself, but we’re still also touching each other. Extra bonus points for finishing on my boobs.”

~ Aly


“I find the steamy shower as a great place to really let go. One day, my boyfriend came home earlier than expected and found me in the shower masturbating. I won’t lie, at first it was a little awkward, but my boyfriend was totally into it! He hopped right in and told me to continue as if he wasn’t there. He started masturbating himself too and my “me” time all of a sudden turned into a hot mutual masturbation session.

Ever since, I try to time it right for when my boyfriend comes home from work and he can join me in the shower again for more mutual masturbation. It turns me on watching him pleasure himself and I love that we get to teach each other what we like, this has definitely upped my masturbation routine and our sex life!”

~ Kelly


“My favorite mutual masturbation routine usually happens when my wife or myself is out of town. We do it together on the phone. We start with a little dirty talk to get things started and move on to toys pretty quickly. I’ll insert Fun Factory B Balls into my ass, then I use a Magic Wand on the shaft until I get my release, while my wife cycles through her various vibrators. It’s incredible and allows us to be intimate even when we’re far away from each other.”

~ John


“My favorite mutual masturbation routine is when my man and I take a bath together. It starts out with him wrapping his arms around me while we relax and he massages my breasts. Then, we end up with me standing over him, facing him. I use a toy on myself so he can watch and he takes care of himself at the same time.  This is when I first realized that I was a squirter.”

~ Daria


“To stay close, my lady and I regularly chat on FaceTime. When the mood strikes (often), we have FaceTime sex. We will talk dirty/sexy to each other while we turn the cameras to our private areas. We will each slowly start to touch ourselves while we relive our past encounters and how hot they are. The undies come off and she grabs her favorite toy while I start to slowly make love to myself, imagining it’s me and not her toy inside her. When we do this, our orgasms are as intense as they are when we’re together. It’s extremely hot.”

~ Mario


“I have a medical condition that makes it difficult to orgasm, due to a medication I am on.  However, I am married and my favorite thing is mutual masturbation with my wife. She uses a bullet vibe on herself and I use my hand with lube. We talk dirty to each other and discuss our fantasies, and it has really saved our marriage and our sex life.”

~ Thomas


“My boyfriend and I have a great relationship, respect each other’s sexual relationships with ourselves, and LOVE mutual masturbation. It’s like watching real-life porn, but with the person you love. We love seeing each other so pleased.”

~ Leanna