7 Solo Sex Positions

7 Solo Sex Positions

Most of us have a “set” way that we masturbate, whether it’s standing in the shower or lying in bed, underneath the sheets. However, when you play with positioning, your brain responds to the novelty – and when it comes to sex, our brains love novelty. So next time you get down, test-drive a few new positions to enjoy an even bigger, better orgasm.

So in celebration of Masturbation May (yes, it gets its own month!), I bring you seven solo sex positions to try. Because whether you’re an experienced player or new to the game, we all need some inspo every now and then. 

1. Chair Sex

Sitting in a chair while you masturbate is fun in all kinds of ways. It echoes oral sex, but it also positions your genitals so that blood is pumping down towards them. You can also hang onto the chair with your “non-working” hand, arching your back to really get into it.

Chair Sex Solo Sex Position

Make it hotter: If you’ve got a penis, LELO makes a futuristic stroker that passes for a chic Bluetooth speaker. But instead of music, the F1s V3 creates sonic waves that travel up and down the shaft, with liquid silicone ribs for an “immersive” feeling. It also has an AI interactive mode, translating your movement into tailor-made vibrations. Your hand is wonderful, but trust me…this is pleasure technology at its finest, giving you an absolutely incredible orgasm. 

2. Kneel For It

Like Chair Sex, this one takes advantage of gravity. Unlike Chair Sex, your thighs are stabilizing your position, so you can rock up and down with your knees. Brace your hand against the wall or headboard for stability, and enjoy the free feeling of having your upper body on display. 

Kneel for It Solo Sex Position

Make it hotter: Prop up a mirror, and watch yourself get down. If that’s too vulnerable, you can also set your phone’s video cam on without taping. Both will appeal to anyone with an exhibitionist streak: watching yourself get off can feel both naughty and radically self-accepting. 

3. Solo Speed Bump

Funny how a small tweak makes a big difference. This one angles your hips upward, for new and fresh sensations. You can also arch your back really well in this one, and rock back and forth to simulate on-top sex.

Solo Speed Bump Solo Sex Position

Make it hotter: Do it on a proper sex pillow. You’d be shocked what a difference this makes: the core is firmer than regular pillows, which holds up your angles while still being comfortable. 

4. Do Me

Love this masturbation position for the options it provides. With your body free to thrust, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get lost in a hot sex memory, or indulge in their favorite partner play fantasy. 

Do Me Solo Sex Position

Make it hotter: Use a hands-free sex toy. If you’ve got a penis, this toy clips on and vibrates you to a glorious orgasm – you don’t even have to be erect to use it. If you’ve got a vulva, I recommend placing this G-spot vibe between pillows, inserting, and riding for a whole new take on orgasm. Such a fun way to masturbate. 

5. Only Spoon

For masturbation that feels cuddly. Curl on your side, rest your head on a pillow, and work yourself up with easygoing pleasure. 

Only Spoon Solo Sex Position

Make it hotter: Play with leg positions. Squeeze your thighs shut. Open up your knees. Keep your legs straight. Bend your knees in. This position is so cozy it’s hard to mess up.

6. Lazy Day Lay

Laying down like this, your body is completely relaxed and supported. No wonder it’s so popular! A terrific option for anyone who wants to close their eyes and melt into the sensations. Or into a sexy FaceTime with your partner.

Lazy Day Lay Solo Sex Position

Make it hotter: Do kegels while you warm up. As you apply lube, squeeze your pelvic floor (like you’re stopping the flow of urine) and hold for 5 seconds. Release fully, then repeat. See if you can do 10 reps. 

7. Life Aquatic 

If you want to feel like you’re getting oral from mermaid tongues, try this. It feels fantastic on both sets of genitals, although for those with a vulva, it can mimic  penetration (thanks to running water) and feel oh-so delicious. 

Life Aquatic Solo Sex Position

Make it hotter: Install an affordable faucet extender. This concentrates the water stream, for more targeted stimulation and pleasure. 

Variety is the spice of life, and masturbation is the spice of sex. Try one (or all?) of these solo sex positions this month, for creative arousal that gets your juices flowing. 

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