Anal Tips & Prostate Play: A Beginner’s Guide

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Let’s talk anal play! If you’re a booty newbie, where do you begin? What feel-good nerve endings are you looking for? Should you start alone, or with a partner? And how the hell do you go shopping for butt plugs? Listen: if you’ve got backdoor questions, my guests Dr. Charlie Glickman and Dr. Hernando Chaves have answers. Today’s best-of episode is THE anal 101 primer, and if you’re not butt-curious now…you will be, in less than an hour. 

Listen up for tips to stimulate the prostate (AKA the male G-spot), how to prepare hygienically,  finger techniques for prostate massage, and how anal play can add so much crazy pleasure to your sex life, no matter your gender. 

Show Notes: