Ask Emily: Can You Use Toys with Nipple Play?

girl holding two tiny balls
Dear Emily,

My sex life with my husband almost exclusively revolves around nipple play. We both love giving and receiving nipple stimulation, and it’s our primary foreplay.

To keep things new and fun, I’ve researched nipple toys but can’t seem to find any with consistently positive reviews. What toys or techniques can enhance our routine?


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Hi Mallory,

First off, I want to take a moment to say how much I adore your sexual self-awareness and confidence. So many of us get hung up on worrying about whether what we like is “normal,” whether how we like to have sex is OK, or whether the fantasies we have make us weird. You and your husband are satisfied, and you’re cool with how you’re satisfied, and that is such an amazing place to be sexually.

Sex isn’t just about intercourse, and nipple stimulation is hugely underrated. In fact, nipple stimulation actually derives pleasure from the same parts of your brain as your clitoris! So you’re paying attention to such an important part of your body that so many people rarely bother to notice. That said, I love your idea of incorporating some toys. Below are my suggestions.

Toys to Amp Up Nipple Play

The Womanizer

This unique toy uses Pleasure Air Technology to create a sucking sensation. And although it’s designed for use on the clitoris, it can also work WONDERS for nipple play. One thing your partner can’t do (I’m guessing) is sucking both of your nipples at the same time. With the help of this toy, they can.

Muse Flavored Lube

 If you’re already into licking and sucking each other’s nipples, why not add some fun flavors to the mix? Muse offers three delicious flavors to keep you salivating for more in the bedroom. There’s salted caramel, cafe creme brulee, and mint chocolate—and all three are amazing.

The Mimi by Je Joue

When it comes to foreplay, vibration can be the spice of life. This handheld clit vibe is perfect for utilizing on nipples. It packs a powerful punch and a sensual, smooth exterior, perfect for sensitive skin ripe with nerve endings.

I hope these suggestions take your nipple-play to the next level!