Best of: Coming Together w/ Celeste and Danielle

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What do you actually want to feel during sex? On today’s best-of episode, my friends Celeste Hirshman & Danielle Harel, co-authors of Coming Together: Embracing Your Core Desires for Sexual Fulfillment and Long-Term Compatibility, help reveal your core desires – your personal, psychological motivation for having sex, and how to get that feeling in the moment.

Celeste, Danielle and I talk about how sex can be a medicine for old wounds we felt growing up: whether you want to feel powerful, special, even degraded in bed – it all goes back to our personal history, and what we’re looking for when we have sex. We also talk about creating your hottest sexual movie, how to perform sexual breathing, and why – if you want sex to last in a long-term relationship – you really have to do this core desire work. It’s a can’t miss episode of sexual wisdom, whether you’re single, partnered, or simply want to know what gets you hot.


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