Ask Emily: Is it Normal (or Safe) to Eat Your Own Ejaculate?

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Dear Emily,

I’m a big fan of masturbation.

It’s something I’ve done since I was a teenager, and feel like I’ve always had a pretty healthy outlook on what it brings to both the self-care and partnered sex arenas.

Fantasy, of course, often goes along with it. But for the past couple of months, I’ve had one particular thought that I can’t get off my mind. Much less, have been able to figure out…

Is it normal to want to eat your own ejaculate?

I feel like it sounds weird to say or (type out) loud, but I really need your help on this one. It typically pops into my mind right before I’m about to orgasm, and often times fades away after the deed is done. But it’s something I can never ignore. Why would I want to do this, and is it even safe in the first place? Or am I just a perverted party of one?



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Hi Clueless,

I’m so glad you bring this up! First off, let’s be clear. One of the most common things people want to know about anything sex-related is whether they’re “normal” compared to everyone else. So have no fear, you’ve come to the right place. I’m not sure of your gender, but it doesn’t matter. All people can be drawn to eating their own ejaculatory or arousal fluids.

Eating your own cum (or arousal fluids/ejaculate/etc) is actually a question we get asked frequently! It’s not something you read or hear about all the time. But, it definitely crosses a fair number of minds out there. Just one Google search will show a hefty dose of videos as well as tutorials. If there’s anything the porn industry has taught us, it’s that supply is made to meet demand.

People are drawn to the same urge or fantasy for a variety of reasons. Some view cum as an annoying mess to clean up, while others see it as a direct line of intimate connection. So, the desire to taste your own could come from a place of wanting to sexually connect with yourself on that intimate of a level. Or if you’re someone who values sharing in the same experiences as your partner, it could be wanting to put yourself in every step of their sensual shoes. All the way to the very end.

In reality, it’s not all that different from anyone else doing the same. When there’s a partner at the receiving end, ejaculate simply breaks down and gets digested the same as any food or drink. You want to be careful if you have an STD/STI, since that could mean potentially spreading it to other parts of the body. However, generally speaking, tasting yourself is perfectly fine to do.

Just remember to take it slow when first starting out, ease yourself into the process and don’t feel like you have to be a pro on the first go around.

Some fantasies are best left to the imagination. Others are super-hot to act out. So use your best judgment on how you truly feel about the idea and take the sexy reigns from there. Best of luck!