Erotic Tension & The Power of Yes w/ Dr. Jennifer Freed

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On today’s show, I’m joined by psychological astrologer and returning guest Dr. Jennifer Freed.
We answer your questions on how to spot a sensual lover, useful tools for addressing low libido, how to pursue a threesome or open relationship, how to easily create intimacy in a relationship, what your Zodiac signs say (or don’t say) about compatibility with your partner, what to do if your hookup buddy wants a relationship (but you don’t), and the mind-blowing effects of EMDR therapy.

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We also share our top methods to build erotic tension and why focusing too much on your partner’s desire can hold you back in the bedroom. As an added bonus, we walk through ways to reach your ‘power yes’ in sex, the effects of toxic masculinity, and how to communicate as an invitation—not a confrontation.

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