10 Autumn Sex Ideas You’ll Totally “Fall” For

couple in love in moody lighting

Pop quiz: what’s the best season to have sex? Is it summer, with all that glistening, bare skin? Is it winter, when we’re snuggled up and cozy? Or is it fall, when those first cool breezes start rustling through the air…giving us a spring in our step, and pumpkin spice in our lattes?

Ok, that was a trick question—every season is sex season. There’s no “best” time to kick it, sexually speaking. But data does show that more babies are conceived in fall and winter, so whether or not babies are in your future, chances are you’re feeling things. For that reason and so many others (namely, that pleasure is good for you), we’ve compiled a list of ideas and fall sex positions to have your “spiciest” season yet. 

woman getting dripped with hot waxHot Candle Massage 

It’s chilly, so let’s warm you up. With – dare I say – hot wax? If you’ve never dabbled in temperature play before, now’s your chance.

Having warm candle wax dripped on your body gives the nervous system a little jolt, one that heightens your excitement. Just be careful! It’s all fun and games until someone gets a second-degree burn. Here’s what to look for:

  • Google “body-safe candles for sex”
  • Look for either soy or paraffin as the primary ingredient
  • Note: paraffin burns hotter if you want a more intense sensation
  • Do NOT use a candle made from beeswax (not safe for skin)
  • Avoid candles that don’t list their ingredients: additives can change the melting point of a candle, making it too hot to handle…and not in a good way.  

I also recommend a nearby container of water *just in case*—you are playing with fire, after all. So take your precautions, then enjoy the heat.

Sweater Weather Strip Tease

Temperatures are dropping, you’re dressing warmer, and you know what’s fun about layers? Taking them off.

Next time you and a play partner are ready for action, don’t skip to the underwear part just yet. Instead, take your time peeling off pieces of clothing…and that goes for both of you. Kiss each inch of skin as it’s revealed, slowly, button by button. Tease each other over your underwear, with nibbles, fingers, and a little bit of pressure. If it’s cold outside, keep a layer on while having sex! The suggestiveness of sex-while-clothed is super hot—it implies you just couldn’t wait to get started.

strangers in a bar

Strangers in a Bar Roleplay

We all know what the high holiday of fall is, and that’s Halloween. What better time to play strangers, and assume a new identity? No need to go full Freddy Krueger kink (unless that’s your thing!), but the mystique of Halloween is a vibe you can absolutely explore.

If you’re partnered, make a date to meet at a bar…dressed ever so slightly different than you normally would. Maybe it’s the hair. Maybe it’s the shoes. Maybe it’s the superhero cosplay. Again, you get to pick the degree of change here; the fun part about all of this is the collaboration. Chat with your partner, and pick a time and place to bump into each other. Don’t worry: this isn’t an audition! Just have fun getting to know each other, taking full advantage of the Halloween spirit. If you break character, that’s alright—it’s a sign that tricks are done, and now you’re ready for treats.

Salted Caramel Labia

Let’s be honest, the best part of the season is all the yummy flavors. So why not add some “spice” to your fall sex positions?

There are all kinds of lubes out there, from silicone-based, water-based, to oils. Depending on the type of sex you’re having, you’ll want to choose your lube medium wisely (for example, don’t mix silicone lube with silicone toys), but once you do, your options are wide open. Here are some fun ones to try:

Now doesn’t that get you in the fall spirit? Your next oral sesh just got a little more delicious.

Washer/Dryer Play

Attention parents: school is in session, and you’ve got the house to yourself. Let’s make laundry a little more exciting with one of our favorite fall sex positions.

Next time you’re running the washer or dryer, have one partner sit on top, legs parted. From here, the other partner has easy access. There’s a lot to love about this set-up, from the rumbles of the machine, to the “ambient” sounds (you can moan loudly without neighbors hearing over the sound of the machine). Bonus: you can dry your sheets! When they’re ready, take them out and go for a sex spin in the fabric. After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of warm laundry?

Fallen Leaf (aka Face-Sitting) 

I don’t have to tell you that face-sitting is an all-year, multi-seasonal, 24/7 sex option—and a fantasic one at that. But…isn’t “fallen leaf” the cutest autumnal sex name? 

Vulva puns aside, there are some specific pointers to help make this position comfortable for everyone. Think of it as face kneeling (rather than a literal sit), and allow your hands to explore. The giver can grab hips, the receiver can brace their body weight on a wall or window sill…what I’m saying is, there are lots of choices. Explore every single one. face-sitting

Fireplace Snuggles

What’s that I hear? A crackling fireplace? For your best fall sex, this is THE prop you want. It’s warm, it’s atmospheric, it’s your sexy rom com (or, ethical porn) dream come to life. 

So enjoy a grown-up sleepover, by building a sweet nest in front of the fire. Arrange a mattress, pillows and blanket just so, then appreciate the flames…both literal, and metaphorical. No additional tips here: just enjoy this cold-weather classic. 

Hot Tub Time Machinesex in hottub

This is exactly what it sounds like: sex in a hot tub. I probably don’t need to sell you on this one, but for maximum enjoyment, let’s keep it safe.

  • If using a condom, apply before getting in the water.
  • Chlorine doesn’t kill STI’s. If you don’t know your / your partner’s STI status, opt for pleasure play that doesn’t risk transmission.
  • You can slip! Avoid head injuries by finding surfaces with a bit of traction. 

Aaaaand for a super fun time, try:

  • Jet streams on a vulva! Use a from-behind sex position that allows the clitoris to face one of the jets and feel its pressure, a few inches away. You’re welcome.
  • A silicone lube. I know, I know—you’re in water, but guess what? Water washes away your natural lubrication. But silicone has decent staying power, even while submerged.
  • Toys made specifically for water play. They exist! I like the Pom from Dame, which is flexible and waterproof. 

Campsite Cuddles

Fall is an ideal time for camping, and text sex = great sex. BUT, and this is big but, there are two things to watch out for: hard ground, and camping neighbors. Let’s discuss:

  • If camping in a tent, invest in a quality air mattress. This will make your sleep, as well as your sexy times, so much more pleasant.
  • Most conventional campsites have you situated fairly close to others, well within hearing range. If you’d like to keep your tent sex private, bring a white noise machine. 

Once you’ve covered those and the rest of your camping basics (don’t roll in poison ivy, put out the campfire, etc.) there’s nothing stopping you. Sex under the stars is a beautiful thing.

Bake Sale 

To round out our fall sex list, we’re ending in the kitchen, where hopefully—you’ve just baked some warm cookies. Take advantage of those wonderful smells, and initiate sex in the kitchen.

Sex on a countertop is a natural option here; just examine your setting, and make sure said counter is stable. You can also take your baked goodies out of the oven and nibble them off each other, once they’ve appropriately cooled. Are you frosting a carrot cake? Why not lick it off a nipple first? You need to test that icing, after all. Just be smart with your edible sex fun, and wash up afterward. This is one of those fall sex positions that ignites all the senses. 

There you have it: a little spice for your season. Enjoy the crisp fall air, the change in wardrobe, and especially…your butterscotch flavored lube. 

Tolly Moseley is a writer and content contributor for Sex With Emily. She is a storyteller and board member for Bedpost Confessions, has written for The Atlantic and Salon, and loves listening to all the sex podcasts. When she’s not writing, she’s doing aerial.