How can I get better at oral sex?

Oral sex is one of the most intimate acts you can share with a partner—it’s also one of the most pleasurable. Since you know how much I love pleasure, let’s take a moment to focus on our oral game by reviewing the basics. Remember that oral sex involves using the mouth to stimulate the genitals (a penis,vulva or anus) of a partner. As with most sexual play, start slow and build anticipation. Take your time to kiss around your partner’s body, teasing their inner and outer thighs before you move towards their genitals. My top tips for giving oral are to pay attention, learn what they like, participate with enthusiasm and make some noise. Experiment with your fingers, toys, and some flavored lube. Oh, and don’t let the name “oral sex” stop you from using your hands! Adding variety will enhance your ability to please even more. 

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