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Today’s show is all about helping you effectively find your sexual bliss in the bedroom. Whether you’re missing your masturbatory mark, experiencing position problems, or are coming up against some oral obstacles, Emily has all the answers to get you on the fast track to O-town!

But first, Emily and Anderson examine some startling studies about blowjobs, Tinder, and household chores. Can you guess which one is the best for your health? Also, Emily takes us on a walk down memory lane as she reminisces about living in Michigan in the winter, and her glory days as a Deadhead.

Then, Emily provides our loyal listeners with some serious step-by-step guidance on how to find what’s been eluding them in bed. Are you struggling to serve yourself up some satisfactory self-loving? Are you having trouble enjoying your partner’s best oral sex moves? Perhaps the sex is so great that you wish it could last a bit longer? Whatever the pleasure problem, Emily has the solution! From kegel tips to breathing exercises to figuring out your fantasies, Emily’s got some tricks in her sexual toolbox to help you out of your bedroom bind.
We all want to find enjoyment in bed, and your secret to maximum fulfillment could be right around the corner. Whether you want to learn to make love all night long or just learn to self-love a little bit better, this podcast has what you need to turn up the bedroom pleasure. Tune in!

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