Flow With It: How to Have Period Sex

Closeup of woman's body in white tights with flower vagina

Ever shied away from sex because, well, menstruation? 

I get it. You care about your sheets. But hear me out: period sex can arguably be the best sex. And here’s why. 

Why is period sex fantastic? 

Think about it – you’ve got extra lubrication, for one. But hormone levels during menstruation can actually make your sex drive sky high. On top of that, it’s one more reason to communicate with your partner and collaborate on making it great! We love to see it. 

How should you prepare your body?

For one, take out your menstrual cup or your tampon (might be obvious, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you). 

If you’ve got period cramps, a CBD/THC-infused vaginal suppository can work wonders. Hello Again* makes one called Hello Again Period, which you insert into your vagina with or without a tampon, and let it melt and take effect within about 30 minutes.  No, you won’t get high or smell like weed! But you will experience less inflammation and cramping and a lot of pain relief: the combination of THC and CBD, along with cocoa butter, ylang ylang and other curated ingredients help your vagina feel soothed inside and out. Effects last about six hours, so you can even take it early in the day for relief and enjoy sexy times later on. Some use Hello Again about an hour before penetrative sex to give it time to melt and absorb. Whether you use these vaginal suppositories for sex or for pain relief, or for anti anxiety and mental focus, Hello Again Period helps your cycle be less vicious.

How should you prepare the bed?

Yes, it’s possible to be period-positive and keep your duvet cover clean.

To that end: throw the covers off, lay down a dark-colored towel, and have at it. It’ll go right in the wash when you’re done.

Then again…you could use something expressly made for messy sex, something that feels more luxurious (and, let’s be honest) is waaay more of a vibe than a towel. The sex mat from playdrop** is big, so you’ve got lots more sexual freedom. But it’s also super soft, doesn’t bunch up, and is completely washable. playdrop is waterproof and absorbent.. It’s MADE for you to enjoy the fun without worrying about wet spots or tough to remove stains. Great sex invention, or greatest sex invention ever?

How else can you do it?

In the shower, for one. For the easiest possible cleanup, shower sex is your friend during period sex. Add a waterproof toy to make things extra fun…I love the We-Vibe Touch X Clitoral Vibe because it’s ultra quiet, and fits right in the palm of your hand. Be safe, go nuts, rinse, repeat. 

What are the upsides of period sex?

Let’s get into the legit benefits of flow-time sex. If you’ve ever felt apprehensive about it, whether you’re menstruating or your partner is – this will probably change your mind. 

  • Headache and cramp relief. Sex (and orgasm especially) releases endorphins: your body’s natural pain-killer. As a result, sex is a proven aid for period-related pain, and definitely more exciting than Tylenol and a heating pad. 
  • Higher sex drive. As you menstruate, your testosterone levels and estrogen levels begin to rise. And wouldn’t you know it, both of those hormones have a happy effect on your libido, given their role in sexual arousal and orgasm. In fact, lots of people report feeling more horny during their period. 
  • Extra lubrication. Yes…we’re all adults, and realize that certain bodies bleed every month. Why not lean in, and take advantage of the increased moisture? It’s a great consistency for penetration. And if you’re someone who benefits from a little extra lubrication (aka: all of us), then that’s nature for you, coming in clutch. 
  • Extra blood flow = fun for toy play. With all the increased circulation down in your genitals, it’s no wonder orgasms tend to be strong during period sex. When you’re aroused, your genitals get engorged with blood – and would you look at that! You’ve got lots of blood flow anyway. Try masturbating when you’re on your period, and take note of your orgasm: the spasms might be more intense.
  • One more excuse to talk to your partner about sex stuff. Period sex gets a bad rap that it really shouldn’t. So it can be messy: so what? By talking to your partner and letting them know you’re into it, you’re opening up the channels of communication in your sex life, rather than relying on assumptions. Hooray for periods, helping us open up in more ways than one.

There you have it! Period sex, dialed. Enjoy all the perks your period has to offer. 

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