Got A Sex or Relationship Question? Call me.

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Do you have a burning question about your relationship or sex life?

I’d love to help you out. As a doctor of human sexuality and host of Sex With Emily for over 15 years, believe me when I say: I’ve heard it all! No questions are off-limits, and I mean it. 

This is YOUR opportunity to get an expert’s take on your sex or relationship problem, and have it featured on air. Trust me – if you’re going through it, someone else is going through it, too. 

To leave a question for me to answer on future episodes of Sex With Emily, OR to share a sex-cess story with me, call:


And leave a message, along with your name, age and location. Anonymity is totally cool, so if you wanna use a different name, go for it. 

Here are a few of your recent sex and love life questions:

“My spouse has zero interest in sex and recently told me I should find someone else to fulfill my sexual fantasies. How do I navigate a friends with benefits situation without blowing up my marriage?”

“I masturbate at least once a day, and while I don’t feel guilty while doing it, I usually wish that I hadn’t afterward. I am always craving sex. Do I have a sex addiction?” 

“I’ve only had an orgasm through sex once with my current partner. My partner gets very upset about this and feels like he is not enough for me. I want to experience this for myself and also with him.Any idea what can help me orgasm with my partner?”

“My partner recently said her fantasy was to be sexually dominated occasionally. The problem is, I don’t know what that means. Is there a beginner’s guide to BDSM?”

“Do you have any tips for lasting longer in bed? I’ve always had trouble climaxing too soon in the bedroom. It’s not something my girlfriend has brought up as a problem for her, but I can’t help wanting to last longer.”

Many couples listen to the SWE podcast together as a guide for their sex life. So whether you’re partnered or flying solo, don’t hesitate to call, get curious and start communicating about sex. Having healthy sex is a journey, not the destination, and talking about it is the first step. 

Give me a call today: let’s talk!