Hotline Calls: Micropenis, Deal Breakers & Sexsomnia

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Stale to Sexy

So you want sex on the daily, but as for your partner? Not really. Not to worry! Today’s hotline calls episode takes a look at mismatched sex drives, and what might actually be behind them. We’re also diving into pleasure with a micropenis and communication. There are so many ways to enjoy a penis – but first, ya gotta talk about what you BOTH want.
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We’re also tackling a case of sexsomnia (aka having sex in your sleep), and how to make eye contact during sex (when you’re awake). If you’d like to ask me a question, you can call me anytime and leave a voicemail: 559-TALK-SEX (559-825-5739).

Show Notes:
Episode: First Date, First Orgasm, First Threesome
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