How to Have the Best NYE Kiss Ever

couple leaning in to kiss each other

The countdown is coming. Want to celebrate New Year’s with a sexy kiss? 

IMO, locking lips is a pretty sweet New Year’s tradition. But like Meditate, Masturbate, Manifest, I also believe it’s a great way to infuse your New Year’s intentions with pleasurable energy. 

Then again…maybe you just want to make out like a pro. Either way – I got you. Here are my tips for having your best NYE kiss ever.

Prep Wisely

Before the big moment comes, give yourself lip service. Try this:

  • Ward off chapped lips, by wearing lip balm the night before.
  • Scrub lips lightly in the morning, with a gentle wash rag.
  • Apply balm again, to lock in softness and moisture throughout the day. 
  • Have a breath mint on-hand for instant freshness. 
  • Leading up to the big moment, apply an arousal patch to your body for an extra pleasure boost. I love Sex, Plz from Fleur Marche*, which delivers bioavailable hemp, L-arginine, Maca and more to get blood flowing (especially to your genitals). For full efficacy, put the patch on 20 minutes before and get ready to relax your mind and awaken your senses.  

Make Sure It’s A Go

When you’re ready to kiss your lover, make sure to:

  • Ask consent, especially if it’s someone you just started seeing. “Wanna kiss?” works just fine. 
  • Read the room. Depending on the company and the environment, this could be the place for a light peck, or a full-blown make-out. You decide.
  • Your hands communicate energy. So as you lean in, holding their waist, back of their neck, face, anywhere – start with soft hands, and gradually build up the intensity.

When You’re Actually Kissing…

Have a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are a few, take what resonates and leave the rest. 

  • Start with gentle pressure on the lips. 
  • Slowly add more depth.
  • Find a natural rhythm with your kiss, reading their energy. 
  • As the kiss progresses, add a light nibble.
  • Kiss them softly, then leave a soft trail of kisses down their neck.
  • Take their face in your hands while you kiss them.
  • Squeeze their waist and pull them in closer while you kiss.
  • Put your fingers in their hair while you kiss. 

When Adding Tongue…

…you’re layering in more sensuality and eroticism. Just remember: 

  • Don’t stick it in all at once (which causes drool and, possibly, shock). Add tongue very slowly to build sexual tension.
  • Alternate between tongue and no tongue, with your kisses. 
  • Wanna make it kinky? Pull away slightly, and take one of their fingers in your mouth. This is a vibe thing! Read the room, read your partner, and suck on their fingers if you’re genuinely feeling it. 

Make It a Make Out

If the time and place allows, you can escalate the kiss together into something more. Try…

  • Exploring other erogenous zones with your hands and fingers. Sides of neck, chest and nipples, sides of torso, inner thighs – all excellent spots.
  • Whisper something suggestive in their ear. “Damn…you taste good.”
  • Tease your fingers under clothed areas of their body. With consent, tease around the edge of their sweater, their collar — anywhere skin is exposed and you can touch a bit more.
  • Make eye contact while you explore. 

Say Thank You- no examples

Whether you’re kissing, making out or more, thank your lover for sharing the moment with you. You can even tell them specific things you loved, like…

“Love how you tease me when we kiss.” 

“The thing you did to my neck back there…wow.”

“Can we do that again sometime?”

We’re all looking ahead to 2024, and saying goodbye to 2023. Why not seal the moment with a kiss? Try these tips, and turn this tradition into a full-on sexy vibe.

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