How to Master Sex in the Water

sexy wet naked stomach in green sea water

I can think of so many creative sex concepts that seem like they should be hot and effortless. And yet: logistical challenges have entered the chat.

Sex in a car (cramped), sex outside (mosquitos), sex on the beach (sand). There are fixes for each! But if there’s one novel sex idea that’s relatively low-lift, it’s gotta be sex in the water.

It does require some forethought, though. It’s all mermaid fantasies until someone gets a yeast infection, so heed these tips for your best sex in the water. 

Use lube

My kingdom for a bottle of lube on every nightstand. It protects the delicate skin on your genitals for one, but it also substantially increases your odds of orgasm…and your overall sexual pleasure. 

When it comes to sex in the water though, lube isn’t just a good idea: it is a necessity.

Water actually washes away your body’s natural lubrication. Counterintuitive I know. But whether you’re having sex in a pool, a hot tub, or even the shower, lube is a must if you don’t want things to feel ouch and uncomfortable. My personal rec is a silicone-based lube like this one, which will last longer (and feel slippier) in a wet environment than a water-based formula.  

Involve a waterproof sex toy

Seriously, why not? For those of us with vulvas, a toy stimulates way more of your internal clitoris. The tiny clitoral nub on the outside is simply the visible part of a very sizable, tucked-away organ. And the best way to stimulate it is vibration, which penetrates the skin to reach those highly orgasmic nerve endings. But even if you’ve got a penis, sex toys in water are so fun. They’ll also reach more of your internal nerve endings, for a bigger, better climax. In this heat, I think we all deserve a screaming orgasm. 

There’s a brand I love that makes modern-looking, waterproof sex toys for all genitals (and for couples’ play), Dame. Their Com Wand is waterproof and curved, so you can press the vibrating head between your legs comfortably. It’s also got 5 intensity levels and a travel lock, for those of us who’ve had the pleasure of TSA rummaging through our bags when our toys decide to start vibrating. No more!

*For a limited time, you can get the Dame Com for $89, (originally $125)!

Find a water-friendly position 

If the bottom half of your body is submerged in water, you’ll quickly find that sex physics work very differently here. It’s a whole other gravity game here.

With that in mind, here are 3 sex things you can try in the water:

  • Foreplay in the water, sex on dry land. This is the most practical. Kiss, touch each other, do hand play – then move to terra firma for penetrative sex. 
  • Grip a ladder. This keeps you more in place for penetrative sex. The receiving partner will face the ladder and hold onto it, the giving partner will face their partner’s back and also grip the ladder for support. 
  • Try lotus position. If you’re in a place with built-in levels or seats, like a hot tub, this position is worth trying. You’re wrapped around each other in this more “tight” position, and the eye contact is super intimate. 

This is also a great time to mention that water sex comes with safety and etiquette points! Here are some things not to do when having sex in the water. 

A few don’ts: 

  • Sex in the ocean. Salty, potentially dangerous, literally what do you hold onto?
  • Sex in a lake or pond. Bacteria city. 
  • Reckless abandon in the shower. I do like sex in the shower, but ask any medic – accidents happen! At the very least a grippy mat for the tub, so you don’t go sliding.
  • Skipping condoms. If you want to prevent pregnancy/STD’s, DO use a condom. Just put it on outside of the water before sex: this helps prevent it from sliding off. Note, chlorine does not kill sperm. If you’ve ever heard this one, it is a myth. 
  • Sex in a public pool. Sex in public is illegal; let’s not get arrested mid-orgasm. But also, others haven’t consented to watching you.  

Have you ever had sex in water before? Was it hot, awkward, or awesome? What tips would you include? Come find me on Instagram @sexwithemily and let’s talk.