How to Use a Penis Pump

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In my opinion, penis pumps are hugely underrated. Maybe they’re misunderstood, but when used safely, penis pumps can be excellent sexual wellness tools. In addition to their stated purpose (creating a swole penis), pumps can increase sexual sensitivity before solo or partner play, and act as a medication alternative for erectile dysfunction. 

Not sure if penis pumps are right for you, or your partner? That changes today. Let’s take a deep dive into penis pumps, including what they are and why people use them, the safest and most effective options, how to use them properly and keep your erection after pumping.

What is a penis pump?

Literally, a cylindrical chamber attached to a pumping mechanism. The shaft goes inside the cylinder, and when you work the pump, air and/or water creates pressure, drawing blood into the penis itself.

This helps prompt erection, which is caused by blood flowing into the penis through arteries, then trapped inside when veins narrow. In short: it’s all about blood flow, baby.

Why do people use penis pumps?

One of the main reasons people use this tool is for unpredictable erections. Maybe you’re not ready to go the medication route, or maybe other things in your life (stress, SSRI’s, etc.) are interfering with your erection abilities. Whatever the case, pumps help jump-start the blood flow process in a satisfyingly physical way. 

But there are other reasons people use pumps, namely penile health. 

Let’s say you already go to the gym and get a full-body workout on the regular. How do you flush blood in and out of your penis to maintain healthy arteries and veins? Short of a very creative exercise regimen, penis pumps allow you to target this part of the body. With regular use, pumps help maintain tissue health for long-term benefits, like harder erections, longer-lasting erections, and more stamina in bed. 

What’s a safe one to try?

Most penis pumps use air alone, and that’s OK, but these models can cause blistering and bruising. That’s because air moves around in the vacuum, and creates areas of inconsistent force…ouch.

There is one manufacturer who designs pumps to be used in water, which I like because water distributes evenly, and is consistent under pressure. It’s called Bathmate*, and it’s an FDA-regulated hydropump that you can leave in the shower to “train” your penis while you bathe. They’ve got three different models, depending on your size and needs. 

How do I use a penis pump?

Let’s say you’re using the Bathmate. It’s a fairly simple process:

  • Fill your pump with warm water
  • Slide your shaft inside the chamber
  • Secure the bottom of the chamber against your pelvis (it’ll stick by itself)
  • Pump to create an erection
  • Leave Bathmate on for three minutes
  • Release, remove and rinse

See? Pretty easy. And yes, you can use the pump before sex, but I will say that the real fun begins when you use it regularly (think 3-5 times/week) and watch your penis performance improve.

What are the benefits of using a penis pump over time?

A quick Google search will give you plenty of exclamation point-filled pump reviews, but since we’re talking about a hydropump, here are some numbers you may find interesting. This is from a 2020 survey Bathmate conducted on its own consumers: 

  • Most users report improved libido
  • Most users report improved confidence
  • After 2 months, 81% of users reported better erections or size gains
  • Most users report improved sex lives
  • A large majority also reported better erections after 2 months

Remember, this all comes down to blood flow. Because lots of people are confused about penis pumps and their utility, these findings to me are fantastic…but not surprising. When you’ve got a safe tool that doesn’t hurt you (like with the blistering / bruising I mentioned above), it makes sense that a regular blood flush to your penis would acclimate the body and supportive tissues to support better, more predictable erections.

How can I keep my erection hard after pumping?

If you use your pump before partnered sex, and want to stay harder for longer – I got you. Penis rings to the rescue.

FirmTech** makes my current favorite right now, because they’ve got a model that puts pressure on the urethra (for a more intense orgasm), and has a slick hook-and-latch design for easy application and removal. It’s called the MaxPR, wraps around the testicles and the shaft, and is designed to keep blood in the penis so you can take full advantage of your pumping action. It’s also super comfy and water resistant (no tech parts), so if you’ve pumped and want to invite your partner to the shower for a fun quickie, be my guest. 

Penis pumps allow you to be a grower and a shower. Whether you keep one on-hand for a last-minute erection boost, or make pumping part of your new bathing regimen, using one isn’t hard at all. But you are. 

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