How to Use Anal Beads

LELO purple Soraya Beads laying on the back torso of woman lying on bed in white bodysuit with legs up

Anal beads are having a moment. So, what’s  all the hype about? 

They’re a fun tool that can bring you oh so much pleasure, if you know how to use them properly. Consider this your user’s manual, where I break down instructions, and explain why you might like to try them. (Hint: orgasms.) 

What are anal beads?

A sex toy that features a line of bulbs, often with a small bulb on the very tip, and progressively larger bulbs as you reach the base of the toy. 

Anal beads can be fairly flexible, with a cord-like structure that bends easily, or more rigid, like a traditional vibrator. Speaking of vibrations, some anal beads feature them, some do not. It all depends on the sensation you’re looking for. 

Why do people like them? 

People of all genders love anal beads. But since they can seem intimidating for brand new users, here are the top three benefits:

  1. Easy anal training. Because the first bulb is so small, anal beads are a great way to get your body used to anal play. As your sphincter muscles acclimate, you can insert the beads further, working your way up to larger sizes. 
  2. *Pops* of pleasure. Removing the beads near orgasm can feel wildly pleasurable. They stimulate all the little nerve endings in your rectum and sphincter as you pull them out, creating a fireworks-like sensation. You can also move them in and out, similar to a prostate massager or G-spot stimulator. 
  3. Massaging your P-spot and A-spot. Once you’ve got the beads inserted deeply enough, the tip can stimulate your P-spot (prostate, if you’ve got a penis) or A-spot (anterior fornix, if you’ve got a vulva – it’s just behind your G-spot). Both can lead to super intense, internal orgasms you may have never felt before. 

What’s a good beginner-friendly toy? 

I’m really into the new anal beads from LELO* that offer all those benefits, as well as vibration: SORAYA Beads.They’re actually designed for those just getting into anal play. But if you’re an experienced user, there’s lots to get excited about.  

This toy has a firmer construction, and will feel comforting to newer users since it looks so similar to a vibrator. (Like all LELO products, it’s gorgeous as hell.) It’s got 4 beads, but 8 pleasure settings, so you can be really gradual with it.

Speaking of the beads on this toy: all of them vibrate. That’s actually a pretty special feature, since vibration helps your sphincter muscles relax. And that’s what we want for insertion, pleasure and a left-the-planet orgasm.

We can attribute this to LELO’s innovative Bow-Motion™ technology that provides powerful vibrations that resonate inside you, one bead after another. All vibrating anal beads work in harmony to create a thrusting-like sensation without the thrusting motion. I’m telling you – you’ve gotta try it to believe it. Truly novel pleasure that expands your body’s orgasm possibilities. 

How do I use them?

I recommend washing up first, for peace of mind. Wash your booty, crevice, anal opening. Some people enjoy taking an enema for a self-internal cleanse. Just make sure you use a non-irritating one if you opt for this step.


  1. Using the SORAYA Beads as an example, try them solo first. This is the kind of toy where you’re going to feel more comfortable experimenting on your own, before you try it with a partner. 
  2. Masturbate on your genitals before insertion, to get the blood flowing. You don’t have to bring yourself to orgasm, but this step helps your body get aroused and ready. 
  3. Apply lube generously to yourself and the SORAYA. Then…
    • Go slow as you put the first bead in. 
    • If that feels comfortable, keep going until you reach your comfortable edge. (You don’t have to put it all in at once!)
  4. You might notice the beads create a feeling of “fullness”…which should feel really good. It’s OK to keep the power setting low at first, while your muscles relax and you start to register, “damn. This is amazing.”
  5. If you’re able to insert a couple inches in: great news. The tip of this toy reaches your P-spot if you’ve got a penis, and your A-spot if you’ve got a vulva. 
    • Pause at this step, and allow yourself to feel the tip on these ultra-sensitive erogenous zones. Now is a nice time to masturbate like usual with your hand or another toy. 
  6. Time to experiment. You can use one hand to pull the SORAYA beads in and out, waking up all the sensitive nerve endings throughout your anus and sphincter.
  7. When you feel yourself start orgasm, slowly take out all the beads. 
    • You’ll quickly feel this is a whole new way to experience orgasm.
    • You might feel your sphincter muscles squeezing against it.
  8. Wash up your SORAYA, repeat as desired! 

Any cautionary notes? 

Use plenty of lube. Don’t hold back here. 

If your anal beads do not have a flared base or a handle for removal, do not use them. Let’s not get things lost in our anal cavity. 

If you’ve got time, try having a bowel movement half an hour to an hour before anal play time. An enema also works for this purpose. If a little waste comes out during play, no big deal, but to avoid a mess, keep this in mind. 

Finally, don’t use your anal beads on your anus, then rub them on your genitals. That could lead to infection, so keep it at the back! And remember to clean your toy with hot, soapy water when you’re finished. 

So there you have it… 

Your next sexual adventure. Take it to the back, and have fun doing it! 

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