Interracial Relationships, Penis Predicaments and Copulation in COVID

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On this Mashup of SiriusXM guests from this month, Dr. Emily addresses some of the most pressing issues today in relationships, men’s health, and families.
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    • @2:30 – Emily’s first guest Erin Tillman, the “Dating Advice Girl” dives into the importance of a supportive partner in these hard times and raising your children with awareness, whether it’s race, sex, or otherwise!
    • @23:00 – Adam Carolla, host of the Adam Carolla show joins Emily to talk about his new book “I’m Your Emotional Support Animal,” our laziness as a culture, broken families, and our detached relationship to danger.
    • @36:30 – Returning guest, Dr. Edward Karpman and Emily address all your men’s health questions and COVID copulation complications!

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