How Lube Changed Our Lives

Woman in tub with wet fabric on her

Ahhhh…here’s an “ode to lube”! What a wonderful gift to our sex lives! How many times have we stopped to consider how great lube is? How we can use it for so many sexy-time acts of love and lust. Before synthetic lubrication there was…Pain. Discomfort. Aversion. Limitations.

Beginning with the ancient greeks, who were really into sex and who used olive oil as lube, to 1904 with the introduction of the world’s first lube that needed a prescription, to the 1980s when it was first marketed and available to consumers, lube has changed the sex game for the better.

Lube has cast a wide bright light in the bedroom and allowed us to have penetration without pain, allowed things to flow easier, and provided a much-needed alternative to spit or oils.

In honor of the importance of lube, here are some real life testimonials on how lube has ben a sex life game changer.

The Big Woo-hoo: A Poem

I started sex at a tender age, 

With my partner, I wasn’t quite on the same page. 

Let’s say I wasn’t quite a gushing river, 

Penetration sometimes sent down my spine a shiver. 

 Even anal I did without any lubrication, 

To my great pain and frustration!

 Then I discovered roompe-dee-shoop, 

The magical, wonderful potion of lube, 

 Shlikke-dee-shlak and shompe-dee-doo, 

Sex became a big Woohoo!!!

–Mary J.

Ready to mingle!

Honestly before I started listening to this show my sex life was like.. good. I thought great, sometimes. when having sex my partners would be like, did you cum? And I’d reply with, ya I think..? Fast forward like 2 years later, a friend turned me onto your show, I was single, and ready to mingle with myself. I heard all the rave about lube, so I got some Uberlube, and my first vibrator, locked myself in my room, and gave myself my first orgasm.

I keep lube literally right above my bed, and have trained my boyfriend to use it. Every. Single. Time. I used to look at it negatively, like you needed it when something was wrong. Boy was I wrong. NOW LET ME WIN SOME SALTED CARAMEL MUSE, LUBE GODS!!!!!

–Kerry A.

Lube and Aging

My wife had always been able to self-lubricate so much so that we kept a small hand towel next to the bed. Even after going through menopause she was still able to become very wet.  We have always had an amazing sex life and were very open with each other. About three years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

We dealt with all the trauma that it involved… a double nipple sparing mastectomy with reconstruction. Thankfully no chemo or radiation. She lost sensation in both nipples and is now on a medication that creates menopause.  Though she had been through menopause this medication created a new dynamic that she had not experienced, the vaginal dryness was now in full play.

The vaginal dryness was so significant that trying to have any penetration was not only painful for her, but was painful for me as well. Almost to the point of me not even wanting to try. It was frustrating to say the least. We introduced lube to help facilitate intercourse. It was (and is) a life saver.

Now that the pain issue is resolved she and I both have turned the heat up and are now having sex three times a week (in a normal week). Using lube has not only helped us in having intercourse but made it so much more enjoyable that we are like twenty-somethings again… So, lube became a great and sex saving change to our intimate playbook. Lube didn’t change our sex life… it saved it.

–Ben S.

Fun, Painless Sex in Menopause

Ladies listen up! Lube has changed my life! I know you’ve heard it before but going through menopause ain’t for sissies and it’s definitely given me a run for my money. Lube has allowed me to have fun, painless sex again (thank you sweet baby Jesus), which then helped me realize that getting older doesn’t mean the end of sex as I knew it. Some might say 52 is not old (Millennials would say I have one foot in the grave), but hitting my 50’s has changed my life in ways I never thought would happen (insert another middle finger emoji), so thank YOU Emily for your tips/tricks & toy suggestions that really helps me on my aging journey.

–Sarah M.

From pain and guilt to confident sex!

As a woman who produces a great deal of natural lubrication, I always thought lube was unnecessary and also embarrassing. However, in situations where I wasn’t able to get as wet I constantly felt inadequate and unready, but would engage in penetration regardless, which led to painful and guilty sex.

Since becoming comfortable with the use and the fun that lube can bring to sex, I have come to be incredibly confident with the different phases of my body. Sex has never been better!

–Patty L.

*  *  *

As evidenced by the above lube love testimonials, lube has made a significant contribution to our sex lives. It has changed our relationship to our own bodies, our sexual selves, and our relationships. 

Bring on the lube and the great sex!! 

Emily Anne is a bestselling author, sex coach and educator, who specializes in helping people expand their sexual horizons through BDSM and kink. When she’s not obsessively talking about sex, she’s hiking through the Hollywood Hills. Get some sexy education on her Instagram feed!