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Just the Tip
Just the Tip

What to Know When Buying Your First Sex Toy

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably looking into buying your first-ever sex toy. Congratulations!… Read more »


Isodating in a Pandemic with #Open

2020 was really rough on people with active dating and social lives. Staying safe at home… Read more »

Rabbit vibrator in woman's hand on white bed sheets

Breaking Down the Rabbit Vibrator

Known for its internal and external stimulation, the rabbit-style vibrator is one of the most iconic sex toy styles. Let’s break down why this toy should definitely be on your nightstand.

Easing into butt plugs is the best way to discover anal pleasure.
Anal Play

No Ifs, Ands or Butt Plugs

Like a lot of women, I didn’t have the most pleasurable introduction to anal play. I… Read more »

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The Amazing Device That Does Your Kegels for You

If you’ve ever needed help doing your kegel exercises, have no fear, Yarlap is here. It’s an amazing new product that does your kegels for you!

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How Lube Changed Our Lives

Lube=better sex and more orgasms. This is why.

Sex toys for sex toy virgins.
Product Reviews

The Top 4 Best Toys for Sex Toy Virgins

New to the sex toy market? Allow us to share our favorites.