Play With Yourself w/ Dr. Megan Stubbs

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I’m joined by sexologist, relationships expert, body image specialist, and author of Playing Without a Partner Dr. Megan Stubbs. We dive into how to embrace every aspect of singlehood (hello, masturbation!) and why being single doesn’t have to be a layover, it can be your destination. We give tips for loving your body, ways to elevate your orgasm, and how to alleviate skin hunger when you aren’t in a relationship. Plus, we’re sharing tips for sending nudes, ways to create an optimal pre-date ritual, and ideas for being with a new partner.
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We also answer your questions about what to do if you feel insecure about the number of people you have slept with, how to increase emotional intimacy in the bedroom and what to do if you feel you’re in a “dry spell.”

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