Sexual Frustrations & Bedroom Bummers

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In this show, Emily is breaking down a variety of sex tips and topics to help you step up your bedroom routine. Today’s topics include the right way to give oral, the wrong way to get busy and tricks to keep your sexual confidence going strong in a long term relationship.

But first, Menace offers a monster of a Sex In the News story featuring a very BIG penis problem… 19 inches, to be exact. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera’s unusually large member has made it hard to maintain a steady job or relationship, but luckily help may be on the way in the form of a Vivid Entertainment funded reduction surgery. Perhaps a giant penis isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

Then Emily takes to your emails! Does your partner’s jackhammer habit leave you sexually unsatisfied? Feeling fed up with lackluster foreplay? Or has your confidence in the bedroom taken a recent dive? If any of these issues ring true for you, then Emily has tools you need to tackle them head-on. Learn how to slow things down, own your sexual confidence and practice safe oral sex.

From dick pics to sultry snapchats to homemade dental dams, this show is stacked with hilarious anecdotes on a range of lighthearted topics, not to mention plenty of advice to pull you out of your sexually unsatisfied slump. Don’t miss it!

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