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Book-specific resources are listed below. For additional resources, check out the Sex With Emily podcast, articles and social media (Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook). We continue to update this list regularly. 

Sex IQ Quiz

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Self-Pleasure Enhancers 

Page 101 of Smart Sex

A curated list of tools and sensual media, to elevate your solo sex.

  • Shop my favorites here.
Sex toys: 
  • Shop my favorite vibes for vulva owners here.
  • Shop my favorite vibes for penis owners here.
Audio erotica:
Ethical porn:
Erotic reads:

Sex Toys 

Page 104 of Smart Sex

A curated list of articles and products to enhance your play.

For vulva owners:

Read: 9 Ways to Elevate Your Solo Sex

Read: Double the O, Double the Pleasure: How to Have Blended and Multiple Orgasms

Read: How to Train Your Vagina

Shop: My favorite vulva vibrators here.

Shop: My favorite dual stimulators here.

For penis owners

Read:  6 Hottest Masturbation Moves

Read: Ask Emily: What Is a Penis Ring and Why Should I Use It?

Read: How to Train Your Penis

Shop: My favorite toys for penis owners here.

For anal play:

Read: How to Explore Anal Sex

Read: 5 Reasons to Add Anal Play To Your Masturbation Routine

Read: Pegging 101: How to Try Strap-On Sex

Shop: My favorite selections here.

For couples play:

Read: 5 Couples Toys to Help Heat Up Date Night

Shop: My favorite selections here.

Kink Communities

Page 263 of Smart Sex

A curated list of apps, social networking sites, and articles to connect you to kink-minded people. 

  • Feeld: great for the kink-curious, non-monogamous and everything in between.
  • #open: great for non-monogamous couples and solo polyamory. 
  • Fantasy Match: great for finding play partners, getting kinky, and exploring non-monogamy.
Social networking sites:
  • FetLife: the OG in alternative lifestyle networks.
  • Fetish: kink-positive community and US/UK events maps.
  • Adult Friend Finder: old school kink-positive experience.