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On today’s show, Dr. Emily is joined by author Courtenay Hameister to talk about her new book, Okay Fine Whatever, and how getting over your fears in and out of the bedroom can make for a profusely better life all around. Plus, she’s answering your sex and relationship questions. 

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Dear Emily,habit blog sex with emily

I’m very open-minded sexually, but I have a hard time accepting my boyfriend’s porn habit.

We have a great sex life and try new things, but he still watches porn. I can’t help wondering…aren’t I enough? Is he comparing me to these women? Is that how he wants me to act? It isn’t fair for me to ask him to stop, so how can I get used to it? Please help!

Janine, 27, Iowa

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teach blog sex with emilyDespite what you may see in TV or movies, the best sex demands open and explicit communication. It’s unlikely that in two seconds and two halfhearted thrusts, you’ll be reaching your climax, overcome by endless waves of orgasm and howling with euphoria. 

Though your partner may really “get” you, and heck, they may even know how to make your body feel aaaamazing — it’s not always easy to express what we want to our partners. Let alone teach it.

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