The Breakup Bounce Back

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Breakups completely, fundamentally suck – full stop. Especially if you’re still connected to the person: you still live together, you share friends, or…you can’t stop fantasizing about them sexually. And that’s because breakups function exactly like withdrawal: this other person was a drug of sorts, and now, you can’t get your hit. 

But breakups also teach us a lot about ourselves, especially if that person was annoyingly awesome in bed. So in this episode, we’re looking at the psychology of breakups, empowering ways to cope and move on, and most importantly, how to keep nurturing your sexuality while you heal. Plus, I take your questions! How to move on from a hookup partner who’s not ready for a relationship, what it means when you’re sexting with an ex, how to do the friendship custody battle after a breakup, and how to break up when you know it’s the right thing to do…but you’re terrified to do it. 

Show Notes: