Top 6 Trending Oral Sex Positions

crossed legs of a girl and legs of a man on the bed

Oral sex: when it comes to intimacy, it’s the best of head and heart. 

Head, because it’s helpful to know which positions provide max pleasure – and I’ve got 6 fresh ideas below. Heart, because there’s nothing hotter than enthusiasm from the giver. 

The best lovers add a third element to the mix however: the correct lube. For the person receiving oral sex, lube turns this already-great sex act into a powerful moment. Lube increases their chance of orgasm (yes, even during oral sex!) because it stimulates blood flow.

Now I’m a huge fan of lube, but if you’re going to try any of the 6 oral sex ideas below, I really do recommend one brand in particular: Morgasm. Allow me to explain. 

Morgasm’s Water-Based Arousal Lubricant is made with L-Arginine, which stimulates your body’s production of nitric oxide: the compound that encourages blood flow, sexual arousal and erection. Their CBD-Infused Arousal Gel includes L-Arginine and CBD to supercharge those benefits, because CBD encourages increased blood flow wherever you apply it. It also makes the genitals feel tingly in a very, very pleasant way. 

To give the ultimate oral, apply Morgasm to their genitals with your fingers, allow it to penetrate for about a minute while you pleasure them, then try one of these ideas below. Note that both formulas prompt stronger orgasms, increased erection hardness, and multiple orgasms; the CBD formula is a great option for genital pain relief if that’s a concern. (Lucky for us, you can save up to 45% off at Morgasm with code: JUNE24, and have a blast giving and receiving your best oral). 

For everyone:



Queening/Face Sitting


Also known as “queening.” Currently getting a lot of Internet love, face-sitting involves the giver laying down on their back while the receiver kneels above them on their knees. Note that it’s not a literal sit (let’s not suffocate our partners), but if you’re the receiver and you’d like more support, you can brace your hands on the wall in front of you or a headboard. Tons of genital access, tons of pleasure.  

Full Frontal

Full Frontal Oral Sex Position

A lovely spin on face-sitting. In this position the giver sits up, while the receiver kneels in front of them, genitals facing mouth. This allows the giver to pull their partner in by their hips or butt, or pull them in with one hand while masturbating with the other (hot). 

For vulvas: 

On Your Knees 

On Your Knees Oral Sex position

A luxurious-feeling position for the receiver! They sit on the edge of the bed or couch while their partner kneels below them to give oral. This position allows the giver to access more of the vaginal opening, which is full of sensitive and pleasurable nerve endings. 

Doggy Style Oral + Vibe 

Doggy Style Oral

Take things up a notch by giving your partner oral from behind. But don’t stop there: add a wand vibrator to the action! 

While the receiving partner is lying face down, they can brace their hips on a pillow. The giver can stimulate them with a wand vibrator on their inner thighs, then against their clitoris (which feels awesome). It’s a large toy so you can actually leave it there, braced underneath their pelvis, while you go down on them from behind. The pillow lifts their hips, so you’re licking their labia and vaginal opening while the wand vibes on their clitoris. Absolute orgasmic pleasure explosion. 

For penises


Giraffe Oral Sex Position

Similar to the face-sitting position, except the receiver of this one will stand. Together, you and your partner will make a giraffe shape. 

The giver lies on the bed with their head hanging off the edge, while the receiver stands above them, straddling their face. For max comfort I recommend teamwork: have the receiver hold the back of the giver’s head to reduce neck strain. Meanwhile the giver can use their hand to grip the penis and guide the shaft into their mouth.

The Power Blowjob 

The Power Blowjob

Just like a classic blowjob but with a sexy twist. The giver will pop a finger vibe on one hand. While they’re licking and sucking the shaft, using their free hand to help stimulate, the hand with the vibe has a different job. Press the finger vibe along their perineum, the stretch of skin between the shaft and the anus. This indirectly stimulates the prostate: a very sensitive, extremely pleasurable gland tucked inside the body. The combo of blowjob + perineum vibe sets them up for a seeing-stars orgasm. 

Have you tried any of these trending oral sex positions yet? If not, which ones are you dying to try? 

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