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Oral Sex

How to Give a Better Blowjob

Here’s a round-up of advice ranging from my own experience, from acquaintances, and even Sex With Emily listener’s.

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Ask Emily

Ask Emily: I Hate Giving My Partner Oral Sex

Ever had a hard time giving oral? Let’s take a few deep breaths and break it down.

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How to Become a Clit Whisperer

Become clit-erate with these essential tips for pleasuring the vulva.

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Oral Sex

Mind-Blowing Oral Sex in Under 5 Minutes: The Kivin Method

There’s a trendy new oral sex method that’s heating things up. It’s called The Kivin Method, and we’re telling you all about it.

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Oral Sex

6 Oral Sex Tips for Going Down on a Vulva

What works for one may not work for all, but there some key elements when you’re going down on a vulva.