Triple Stimulation Masturbation

girl's neck and clavicle

Attention people with vulvas: there’s a new orgasm in town. 

Just when you thought you had orgasms all figured out, along comes a toy genre designed to find all your secret, sexual nerve endings – and take them on a gorgeous ride. 

First, let’s talk about where all those nerve endings are located: the clitoris.

The clitoris is bigger than you think

It’s relatively recent that female sexual pleasure (and the pleasure of anyone with a vulva) has been taken seriously by science. We still have a long way to go: the first anatomical study of the clitoris was published in 1998, and in 2005, it was first studied under an MRI. That’s less than 20 years ago, for anyone counting. 

But we finally have updated information about how large the clitoris actually is. It’s a sizable pleasure organ! And while you might not know it, it’s largely subterranean.

I’ve written before about the clitoral structure, and how much it expands during arousal. The little nub you can see? It, quite literally, is just the tip. The rest of it is a spongy shaft that extends into your body, splitting into two clitoral legs running down both sides of your vagina. 

That’s not where the clitoris stops, though. It also contains bulbs, which wrap around your urethral opening – the place where you pee – lighting up your vaginal opening during sex. If you’ve ever loved being teased there during oral or foreplay…now you know why. 

Confused? Google Image it! But here’s another anatomy lesson for you.

The G-spot is part of the clitoral network

That’s riiiiight. It’s a big reason dual stimulation toys are so popular. While one part of the toy stimulates the external clitoris, another part of the toy goes inside, stimulating your internal clitoral network. That includes the G-spot, a zone located about two inches inside your vagina, on the front wall. 

These toys are designed to create out-of-this-world, pleasurable sensations, where (ideally) you have two different types of orgasm at once. This is what we call a…

Blended orgasm

This just might be the holy grail of pleasure. Anytime you have a clitoral orgasm and G-spot orgasm at the same time, you’re technically having a blended orgasm. You’re probably also seeing stars. 

Dual stimulation is truly magical. But recently, engineers have devised yet another way to reach more of your sexual nerve endings, and capitalize on all the clitoral science available to us. If you’ve got a vulva, your masturbation routine is about to get really exciting. 

Enter: Triple stimulation toys

Triple stimulation vibrators are a new frontier of sex toy, full stop.

Hand holding the LELO Enigma Wave

LELO Enigma Wave

Much like suction toys, which exploded the sex toy scene when they hit the market, triple stimulation toys are another paradigm shift. The Enigma Wave by LELO* is probably the best-in-class example. It uses one motor to create sonic pulses on your external clitoris (which feels like incredible oral sex). Meanwhile, a larger arm fits inside, but it doesn’t just vibrate. It moves back and forth in a realistic finger-like motion, applying more pressure to the G-spot than your typical “buzz.” They call it WaveMotion technology, which fuses this satisfying inner stimulation with teasingly fun, deep sensation. That’s a combined total of three motors inside this thing, working together to find and pleasure more deep nerve endings inside your entire clitoral network.

Folks, this doesn’t just result in a blended orgasm. Triple stimulation toys also…

Train your body to squirt

Yep! G-spot stimulation is the key to releasing fluid inside the Skene’s glands. Those are the glands responsible for squirting, so if that’s a sexual act you’d like to try, I can’t think of a better trainer than a triple stimulator. 

How do I drive this thing? 

For internal orgasms and squirting, I always recommend having a clitoral orgasm first – or at the very least, generously stimulating your clitoris. That will help get the entire area engorged.

When you’re ready, mindfully insert the larger arm of the toy with a generous amount of lube. If you’re using the Enigma Wave, know that it’s got three motors. That’s a lot of stimulation! Start at a low setting, taking deep, slow breaths.

Internal orgasms have a way of building into a huge, satisfying release. This would be a good time to up the power, if you feel it getting closer. But if you’re working on squirting specifically, take the toy out right as you feel your orgasm approaching. That will allow your fluids to release too, for a truly amazing masturbation session.  

Sexy sextras

To get even more blood flowing to your genitals, you can always try applying an arousal gel, along with your lube. These encourage more blood flow to your genitals, and often feel quite tingly. 

Another option? Slow down and sink into pleasure: meditate, masturbate, manifest is my favorite solo sex ritual. Try it anytime you’ve got a long, luxurious stretch of time in front of you, and want to apply orgasmic energy to your life goals. 

Whether or not you try triple stimulation toys is up to you. But I’ve got a feeling they’re about to be the next big thing in solo sex. If you partake, enjoy the journey…and all the glorious orgasms ahead of you. 

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