Unf*ck Your Relationship w/ Gary Bishop

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When you keep running into the same relationship (or sex) problems over and over again, what’s the one common denominator? Brace yourself…because it’s you. You’re the thing that carries over from partnership to partnership, which is why Gary Bishop, author of the crazy bestseller “Unfu*k Yourself” decided to write a new book – a tough love spin on self-help. It’s called “Love Unfu*ked: Getting Your Relationship Sh!t Together,” and I invited him to chat with me about it.


In this interview, Gary and I talk about how to become aware of our destructive relationship habits, and concrete ways to manage them. He tells me the one simple change he made with his current partner that transformed their relationship, and we go deep on feeling threatened: the fight or flight response that inhibits emotional intimacy, not to mention our best sex. But we also talk about the hopeful side of radical self-awareness, and the opportunity in front of us, when we step outside of ourselves, look at our patterns, and change them – to create room for the pleasurable connections we all want. 


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