Up Your 69 Game (& Other Oral Sex Tips)

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Let’s 69! It’s one of those sex acts where you tend to be a full-on lover or hater. But no matter what camp you fall in, chances are that if you’re having sex, you’re going to come across the famous, the controversial, 69 sex position. Why not learn some pointers to make the whole thing more hot, and more comfortable? First, I share research with you that might motivate you to put 69 on regular rotation in your sex life. Next, I give you techniques for being an excellent oral giver, and strategies like mindful masturbation, to help you become a more relaxed and erotic receiver. Finally, I talk position tips like the Sideways 69 and the Power 69 for you to play with, and take all your pressing questions on 69ing and oral sex.

Show Notes: