Your Guide to Sexting

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A great sext is all about anticipation…kind of like foreplay: And as the 21st century way to talk dirty, sexting — when executed well — can be super hot. Sexting is an art form, and in this show, I give you pro tips for perfecting yours. Because let’s face it: randomly sending a bunch of squirting emojis might not be as sexy as it is confusing, for the person on the other side. 

As with everything in life, good sexting comes down to emotional intelligence, so let’s talk shop. This episode is designed to help you send your best sext, and excite the person receiving your message. Plus, I take your questions! How to start flirting online, how to manage your devices so your messages don’t accidentally end up in the wrong place and how to have good phone sex in a long distance relationship. Finally, the Sex With Emily community has delivered, and I’m sharing YOUR hottest sexts.

Show Notes: