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pile driver Perhaps the pile driver position is better left to porn stars and sexually active acrobats. It is not a sex position for the faint of heart. You better have thighs of steel, or at least a sense of humor.

If you want to brave the infamous pile driver, here’s how to position your sexy, limber body… Continue Reading

CAT Position

CAT position Coital Alignment Technique (CAT Position) might just be the perfect sex position. After all, the definition of making love is slowly rubbing a woman’s clitoris with your penis. Or at least that’s my own definition… Continue Reading

doggie style Why do we love doggie style so much? Is it because we are scared to stare our lover in the eyes during sex?  Or maybe it’s because we’re all a bunch of crazy animals?

It’s probably because doggie style offers the deepest penetration of all the sex positions. For women, it can mean incredible G-spot stimulation. And many men enjoy the fact that it’s a super comfortable and very visual (you get to stare at her beautiful behind). Continue Reading

sex sitting down Take a seat and have sex sitting down. It combines two of America’s most cherished pastimes: sitting and sex. There’s absolutely no reason to ever leave the couch when you can watch Game of Thrones while having incredible sex sitting down…





Continue Reading

sex standing up Get off your lazy butt and have sex standing up!  Find a big, firm tree trunk to lean up against or do it in the shower! Just make sure you have something to grab onto so you don’t slip and break your neck. There’s nothing worse than falling while your penis is inside a lovely lady. Continue Reading

Water Sex

water sexGet wet and have water sex! But let’s face it, you are no Little Mermaid. You’re probably not skinny dipping in the middle of the night, having steamy sex while waves crash over your head. But you can get head in the shower!

Warm and wet things are good, which is why the shower is the best place to have water sex. The water will (hopefully) drown out your squeals and grunts while his free willy dives inside of you.  Continue Reading

Missionary PositionThis is my first column for YourTango on mixing up the missionary position.

Chances are your sexual journey began with missionary position. Some sweaty boy leaned over you, fumbling with the condom. A couple of anticlimactic heaves later you lie there wondering why everyone makes such a big deal about this whole sex thing. Continue Reading

Hangover Sex

hangover sexBetter than a bloody mary: the joys of hangover sex. Cosmpolitan interviewed me about the best lazy sex positions and hangover sex.

You wake up bleary-eyed. You don’t remember even getting to sleep. Thanks, tequila! But despite the headache, nausea, dehydration, and bloating, you feel an unexplainable urge to get it on… Continue Reading

I am an all-time proponent of experimentation and just plain switchin’ it up with sex positions. However, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve suppressed a couple of giggles when it comes to doing certain sex positions. Through the span of my life, there’s been some interesting moments but I’m glad that I did try the full spectrum of sex positions (as funny as they seem) because I have a better sex life for it. So here’s a list of sexual poses I’ve had to muffle a laugh for while assuming the position: Continue Reading

woman on top positionWoman on top position is the greatest position ever, because a woman is in control, duh! When a woman’s on top, she’s in charge of the movement. No more jackhammer sex, where the guy completely misses your clitoris, because you can grind on him the way you want. And because the man has a limited range of motion, it may make the sexual encounter last longer. It’s a win-win sex situation.

Here’s how to do woman on top position right… Continue Reading

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