Intern Sex Toy Review: Finding the G-Spot

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Hustler_OutingToday’s show is all about improving your sex life, and discovering the elusive G-Spot orgasm! That’s right, I’m in the studio with my awesome assistant and one of my new interns to give you the low-down on that magical little button that you’ve heard so much about. I give tips for men and women how to find it, how to stroke it, and what toys to use to heighten your G-Spot pleasure.

But first, we’re popping my new intern’s Podcast cherry! Carolyn tells us about her night with her first ever G-Spot sex toy, the Silky G Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator, as well as the struggles she had of getting into a sex toy rut (prior to being an intern at Sex With Emily, where sex toys abound!)  Then we discuss our own G-Spot experiences- the good, the bad and the totally bizarre. Plus what do women think about when we masturbate? And where can you find a porno so good that my assistant actually stopped masturbating to watch it?

Ever wonder about the difference between a G-Spot and clitoral orgasm? Or what positions are best to hit that sweet spot? We’ve got your answers! We give first-hand tips on the do’s and don’t of pleasing your lady: DO use lubrication, DON’T just dive right in, DO keep your nails clean, DON’T rub her clitoris like you’re trying to start a fire. Remember guys, when it comes to her pearl, less is definitely more. Her body language will tell you all you need to know! We also discuss why more guys should be down with sex toys, pet-peeves and turn-offs, and- say it with me- the importance of foreplay.

Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording!

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