Addicted to Love (And Other Drugs)

DeAnnaThis show is doubly great because there are not one, but two, very special guests: The first is DeAnna Jordan, relationship & addiction expert. The second is Emily’s big brother, Michael!

Today’s show is all about rules for healthy relationships across the board! DeAnna explains the facts behind love addiction. How do you protect yourself from getting in too deep, too fast? Follow DeAnna’s “No Sex for 90 Days” rule, which is so crazy it just might work.. if you can last that long!


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Official Bravo Blog: In Treatment

In last night’s episode of Miss Advised I talk to a sex phone operator on the Sex With Emily podcast and then I go to therapy. Check out my weekly Bravo blog: In Treatment. Here’s a little excerpt: I hadn’t recognized how much my past was still on my mind and potentially affecting my behavior, especially when it comes to dating. I guess we never truly escape our past, but there’s important work we all should to do to make peace with it. And it might take you one year or 20 years, but either way, if you’re still holding on to stuff from a long time ago, it’s a good idea to find a therapist. Read the entire blog here.



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