Pleasure Mapping & Full-Body Orgasms w/ Dolly Josette

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Today I revisit my conversation with Dolly Josette, the PleasureMuse who turned the world of breath work into the ultimate erotic adventure! Imagine unlocking a treasure chest of sensations and full-body orgasms you never knew you had with the work of meditation. Dolly isn’t just any guide on this journey; she’s the Gandalf of sexual enlightenment, hailed by the high councils of Cosmopolitan and Hustler Magazines as a pioneering Sexological Bodyworker. But what truly sets her apart isn’t the accolades; it’s her magical ability to awaken erotic energy within women and couples, guiding them from numbness to dizzying heights of orgasmic bliss. So, if the idea of exploring the vast, uncharted territories of pleasure sounds good to you, Dolly Josette is ready to lead the way!

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How to hack your nervous system for better sex
  • Why so many vulva owners are trained to numb from the waist down (and how to fix it!)
  • How to become a great masturbator

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